Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pain After Delivery

Did I ever mention how much pain I am in? It hurts to have a baby! I never imagined it would be quite this bad afterward. Sure, I thought I would be sore, but this is insane. I can barely walk.  I now use my Boppy to sit on (I did ask if I would be given one of those donut pillows to sit on, but they told me no.), instead of nurse with it like I am supposed to. Moving from one place to another just doesn't happen. husband helps me in and out of bed.  Thank goodness Husband is taking time off from work. He has been wonderful about getting me everything I need and helping with Baby.

By the way, I love stool softeners. Bless the creator of those! Every time I go to the bathroom is an ordeal. I get to spray myself off with warm water which feels oh so good. Then I get to apply ice and witch hazel pads. I was given hemorrhoid cream to apply rectally, but I decided to pass on that. It just seemed a little too intrusive for me. I won't even go into the amount of blood. I'm really glad I took home the disposable underwear from the hospital. That's all I'll say there.

I was also given a sitz bath. This is a funny looking seat that goes right on top of the toilet. I fill it with warm water and Epsom salt and sit there for fifteen minutes or so. This is supposed to promote healing, and I need all the healing I can get.

I was prescribed Motrin and Vicodin for the pain, but I am choosing not to use the Vicodin for a couple of reasons. One, I've never had it before and didn't know how it would make me act. Two, I didn't want it going through my milk to Baby. For now I'm sticking with the less powerful Motrin.

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