Monday, April 12, 2010

Six Week Appointment

March 17, 2010
Today was my six week appointment after delivery. I brought Baby with me since Husband was working and I didn't have anyone to watch her. Plus, she's still not taking a bottle so she would have just ended up going hungry.

I carried her in the carseat, although I did debate putting the Moby Wrap on. Then I figured that would be silly because where would I put her when I was laying on the table and they checked me? So the carseat it was. I think my muscles were sore after that because I had to park a few rows away.

The appointment went well. The nurse weighed me and took my blood pressure. This was the first time I had been weighed after giving birth. I really didn't want to see how much weight I had to lose. I still don't fit into my prepregnancy clothes, so I know I have a ways to go. Well, it turns out that I had lost twenty-five pounds. I gained forty-two pounds when I was pregnant, and we're just going to round that to an even forty. That means only fifteen pounds to go. But my milk has also come in, and I have cleavage I never had before, so we'll take off another five. Hey, I only have ten pounds to lose. I can do that!

The nurse led me to a waiting room where I had to put on a blue paper gown and sit and wait. The doctor was late, as usual, so I wasn't surprised. Baby was fast asleep in the carseat for the first twenty minutes that I waited, then she woke up crying so I decided to feed her. Of course that's when the doctor decided to make her appearance. Fortunately she said I could continue nursing while she checked me out. Kind of weird, but it worked.

The doctor deemed me healed, which I know Husband will be exceptionally glad to hear. I packaged Baby back up in the carseat and headed home.

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