Monday, September 28, 2015

Calming Colic- Guest posting on BabyCenter today

Click on over to Babycenter to see my tips on calming colic.  Do you have any advice you would like to offer? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dear homeless person, please enjoy my Ergo insert

I have a few different baby carriers, but the one I wear the most is my Ergo (Note, this is not a sponsored post.  Although I wouldn't mind representing the brand if the company feels so inclined!).  Since I had a newborn, I also used the infant insert that goes inside the carrier. 

It was definitely a bit of a hassle to use the insert (sorry, Ergo company, if you're reading this, but that's the truth).  First you had to put the baby in the insert (it wrapped around the baby like a cocoon and had a soft seat for the infant to sit on), then you had to put the insert into the carrier and then once everything was positioned correctly, then finally you could strap it on.   

My son was born at the end of May, meaning right when summer was approaching.  Thus, the weather was getting hot and the cushy, soft insert was making us both even hotter.  I solved this problem by separating the seat of the insert from the cocoon part and only using the seat.  It was like a little pillow that he sat on to help keep him high enough in the baby carrier so he could fit.

Again, awkward to use.  If I wanted him out of the carrier I had to catch the little pillow part and then hold it in one hand or under my arm or try to stuff it in my purse.  However, once I started getting pretty efficient at my Ergo infant pillow seat maneuvers I accidentally lost the pillow seat.

I swear it rolled out of the car when I was putting the baby in the carseat in the parking lot of Starbucks.  I had it when I wore the baby into the shop and didn't take my baby out of the carrier until I was back at the car.  So the only place it could have rolled out was in the parking lot, right? 

I'm normally a super crazy organized person who keeps track of absolutely everything, so it really upset me that I couldn't find the pillow seat when I returned home.  I didn't have a chance to go back to the parking lot until the next morning, and after doing multiple laps around the parking lot with three kids in tow, peeking under cars and in nearby bushes, I called it quits before someone decided to call the police on me for suspicious behavior.  I had to chalk it up as a loss due to my own negligence.

I woefully told my husband the tale of my missing infant insert pillow and he sweetly suggested that perhaps a homeless person had seen my nice cushy pillow piece lying ever so conspicuously in the middle of the parking lot and he or she decided to take it and use it as a pillow to rest his or her head on.

My husband's creative tale resonated with me, so dear homeless person, please enjoy my Ergo insert.  It served my baby and me well on our many outings and hope it can provide you with a little comfort that you might not normally encounter.  I will miss it, but I'm sure you can use it more than me.