Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter

April 4, 2010
I had so much fun dressing Baby up in a cute, frilly dress and matching head band. She looked adorable, if I do say so myself. It was her big debut, so to speak. We decided to take her to church today, and then to an Easter party after.

Despite the fact that she still hasn't had her shots, she's practically two months old so we thought it should be fine. We can't be too overprotective.

Church went well. She slept in her carseat for the first half, then I nursed her for the second. After the service everyone oohed and aahed over her. I loved it.

We then went to the Easter Party. My friend throwing it was very respectful of my wishes and made it clear that no one would be holding her there. There were a lot of families with children and I just didn't feel comfortable with many people holding her yet. Baby was very attentive to everything going on and soaked it all in with her big, blue eyes. Eventually she tired of the action and I nursed her to sleep. Surprisingly she slept for an hour in the back room. When she woke up she started fussing so we took our food to go. She had a big day.

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