Monday, April 12, 2010

Nursing in Public

March 8, 2010
Today I ventured out to a restaurant with Baby to have lunch with a pregnant friend. I picked a place where I could sit in a booth and feed her if necessary (remember that this child eats all the time).

I had a nice time hanging out with my friend and sharing my birth story. Baby did great sitting in her carseat, and when I was about halfway through my meal decided she was hungry. I had my Udder Cover and nursed her right there in the booth. I think we were there for a while because the waitress came by and (it seemed to me), tried to hurry us out.

I felt proud that I was able to bring Baby and hang out with a girlfriend at the same time. I'm still a little apprehensive about nursing in public, even though I know I shouldn't be. It's a very natural thing, and it's not like I'm showing myself off to everyone; I'm very covered up.

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