Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Missed One

When people found out I was having a girl, the giving began. And not just from friends with children. From everyone. I got tons of beautiful items for my baby girl. Dresses, onesies, little pant sweatsuits, headbands, you name it, it was probably given to me. I was so excited for all the wonderful things my baby would be able to use and wear.

A few days before I had Baby, my girlfriend and I organized Baby's room. We put her little outfits together, and arranged the clothes hanging in her closet by size. Her closet was so full I ended up adding another closet bar, making two rows of hanging clothes. Two closet bars completely full. Now you can see how blessed Baby was even before she came into this world.

Periodically I have been going through Baby's closet and rotating her clothes so that she has a chance to wear them all. As she grows out of something I move it to the far end of the closet. Her preemie outfit that she fit into when she was born is back there, as are most of the newborn sizes she has outgrown.

When I move new clothes forward, I compare them to make sure they will fit her. Have you ever noticed how different brands are sized completely differently? Baby is wearing 3-6 months in one brand, 3 months in another, and is still at newborn in some. This can get confusing, considering my closet goes by size. Now I actually have to pull outfits out and hold them up to her, disregarding the size it actually says. I constantly rifle through her clothes to make sure I don't miss any. I want her to be able to experience every outfit before she grows too big. Well, the other day I discovered that I missed one.

It had been hiding behind a six month outfit of a similar color (granted, most of them are pink, so it's easy for them to blend together). It was a cute pant and shirt set. The shirt was white with little tropical flowers, and the pants were pink with a giant flower on one leg. Super cute, but way too small for Baby, being that it was newborn size. I was so disappointed Baby didn't have a chance to model it.

To whoever gave me the cute, flowery, newborn outfit, I do apologize that Baby never had a chance to where it. I promise you that it was through no fault of her own.


  1. It seems that babies grow so quickly! Ma little bro's christening date was decided by how soon we thought he'd outgrow the christening outfit ma aunt bought him. It didn't help that he was the kind of baby who doubled his birth weight in 3 months instead of six (greedy kid;)). Maybe u can gift the cute outfit to another expectant Mom?

  2. Cheryl, that's exactly what I plan to do! Thanks for reading :)


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