Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This past week our family went out to eat at a local Mongolian BBQ. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend it. The food is delicious. You go through a buffet type line of uncooked food and fill a bowl with the items you want. You start with your meats, such as pork, chicken, and beef, then add on vegetables and noodles. After that, you create your own sauce according to the listed recipe. You can vary as much as you want. At the end of the buffet you hand your bowl to a person manning the large flat grill thingy and the person will cook the food for you. Yum!

Husband and I have tried out most of the local Mongolian BBQ's and have definitely come up with a few favorites. We've been known to drive over an hour to go eat at one. You are also served won tons, egg drop soup, rice, egg rolls, and hot tea to go along with your bowl. Usually the buffet is all-you-can-eat so it's best to bring your appetite. The places won't let you take the food home, though, so don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach.

Anyway, we went out to eat with a few other family members the other day. Baby had fallen asleep in the car on the way there so she stayed in her carseat next to the table while we ate. When she woke up, she wanted to play.

Baby kept trying to grab things off the table and I thought it would be okay if she played with one of those little cups they use for the tea. I gave it to her to play with and she put her little hands around it and tried to drink out of it. She definitely knows what to do with it. However, when she realized nothing was in the cup, she threw it down. Unfortunately, the cup was not as durable as I had assumed. It promptly rolled under the table and broke in half.

I looked around to make sure no one had noticed (family at the table noticed, of course), but I don't think the clank of the glass(maybe it was porcelain?), attracted any worker attention. If it did, they left us alone.

I placed my foot over one half of the cup while the person in front of me scooped up the half in front of her and put it in her purse. On my way out I nonchalantly grabbed the other half and stuck it in Baby's diaper bag.

I think we left a large tip.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Board Books

I love shopping at Target. I know many of you share my obsession. Lately the dollar aisle has been my best friend. They have the greatest board books! Husband bought ten or so not too long ago, and we went again the other day and they had more. They keep changing every time we go.

I'm not saying the books there are fabulous; in fact they are downright ridiculous. They are very short, barely have any type of plot, and make me roll my eyes whenever I read them to Baby.

There is a series about baby animals and we have the one about the baby giraffe and the baby elephant. The baby giraffe likes to use her long neck to help her friends and the baby elephant likes to twist her trunk around. The fun part about these books is the way they are made. The baby series has a handle for Baby to put her hand into so she can carry it around.

We also have a few of the Christmas books where each page is a different shape, usually the outlines of the characters in it. Baby has an easy time turning the pages in these because she can grasp them better.

Then we get to the books with the soft spot. There is one fuzzy spot and each page features some type of animal that you can touch. Baby likes to feel it and sometimes tries to eat it.

Baby's favorite book is her scratch and sniff. She now thinks every book is a scratch and sniff and tries to smell them all. She can scratch the scent spot and puts it up to her nose to sniff. It's adorable.

The last time Husband and I went to Target we found a cute board book about bedtime. It was one we hadn't seen before, so we threw it in the cart (we were frugal this time and passed up a few others we could have grabbed). Then we continued our Target shopping.

When we loaded everything into the car we realized that the board book had been hidden in the cart and we had forgotten to pay for it. The alarm hadn't gone off when we left (granted, the book was only a dollar), and we really didn't mean to take off with it. Baby was already strapped in and getting cranky and we didn't want to go back in. I guess we could have brought in back in, said we forgot to pay for it, and then paid for it. But would they have accused us of shoplifting, then put us on a list where we wouldn't be allowed to shop in Target anymore? We couldn't risk that.

Instead, we gave some money to the homeless person on the way out. That should make us even, right?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Great Highchair Debate

Baby does not have a high chair. *Gasp*

I know, we've made it a whole nine months and haven't gotten one. Does that mean Baby sits on our laps when we feed her? Or wanders around the house while we run after her and shovel food into her mouth? No, but that does make an interesting picture.

In reality, Baby sits in her Bumbo during dinner time. She is positioned at the head of the table, right in between Husband and I so we can take turns shoveling food into her. It's more like catching things before they fall, but you get the idea.

Husband would really like to get a highchair for her, but I keep digging my heels in and I am trying to figure out why. What do I have against highchairs?

In my head, a highchair goes in the corner of the kitchen. Nobody puts Baby in the corner (okay, I totally had to! I know I just lost half my readership right there. To the other seven of you who are sticking through this post, thanks and I will attempt to control myself). I do feel that it separates the child from the parents, though. Right now I really like the fact that Baby is sitting right at the table with us, and her food is on the table, just like Mommy and Daddy's. It sets the precedent for family dinners to come.

Another factor to consider is space. Granted, I do have the space for a highchair, but I don't want to see this ugly plastic thing staring at me. I like that the Bumbo just sits on a chair and is hidden under the table when the chair is pushed in. No eyesores there.

I know there are high chairs that attach to the table, but our table is flimsy and I don't think it would be very safe for Baby. Another option is to get one that sits on a chair. Isn't that the same thing as the Bumbo? It's probably safer, though. Right now we can't walk away from the table because Baby isn't strapped in and could possibly twist herself out of it. A highchair would ensure her safety.

I think I need to do some more research, although I have the feeling Husband is going to get his way on this one. Traditional highchair, here we come.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I think toys were invented for parents.

We have a basket of toys we keep in the living room for Baby to play with. This basket contains every toy that she owns (I'm a minimalist and don't believe in having toys all over the place). For fun, I'll name what I remember off the top of my head: a plastic set of keys, a blue rattle from Target that is supposed to help babies grasp better, another set of keys that are textured for teething, a pig wrist rattle, a doll that says "Baby's first doll," a glowworm that plays lullabies, a multicolored triangular contraption from Costco that has items to flip, slide, shake, and twirl, a singing/talking dog from Babies R Us, a teddy bear, one of those ring stacker thingies, and a stuffed Piglet.

We've also added a few items into her toy basket that are not your typical toys. We have a container that was used for wipes. We have the hard, plastic wrapping from pacifiers she never used. I think a spoon is in there. There is a container from Gerber Puffs that had been emptied. A booger-sucker we never used because we stole one from the hospital and use that one instead. That's just to name a few random items.

Next to her toys, she has a selection of board books, including touch and feel books and a scratch and sniff book that is her current favorite (Target dollar aisle is AMAZING! Husband spent ten bucks on books for her last week). To me, books don't count as toys, though.

Guess what Baby pulls out when she goes to her toys? Yup, plastic wrappers, Puff container, and booger sucker.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nap Time

Lately I have gotten into this terrible habit of staying up late and forgetting that I can't sleep in the next day. Even though I beg and plead, Baby has a system; when she needs to wake up so we can get ready in the morning, she wants to sleep in. When we have nothing going on and I want to sleep in, she wakes up with the sunrise. I'm hoping she will outgrow this phase. Needless to say, I've been tired.

Today Husband graciously watched Baby while I went to take a nap in our bedroom. About half an hour in, I hear him calling for me from her room.

"Babe, you have to see this! Come here and see this!" Groggily, I stumble into Baby's room to see what all the fuss is about.

Husband was changing Baby's diaper.

"Her poop rolls!"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cat Food and Pumpkin Seeds

Baby is very inquisitive and will find things I didn't know were on the ground. Usually Husband and I are very good about cleaning the floors to make sure Baby doesn't get something she is not supposed to.

Recently Baby discovered the cat food dishes. We have an area in the kitchen where the cats have their food and water. Baby discovered it and we have been deterring her ever since. She knows exactly where their food is kept and she heads there the minute she thinks we don't notice (she's sneaky).

We've taken to moving the cat food and water dishes up on the counter so she can't get them. It's easier than chasing after her twenty times a day (we have to remember to put them back down so the cats can eat. I may have forgotten a time or two, but they are sure to remind me in the middle of the night when they meow at the door.)

The other day I was changing Baby and realized she had gotten a small piece of cat food and a pumpkin seed (must have fallen onto the floor and hidden itself when I carved pumpkins). Apparently Baby decided to eat them and they both went right through her.

Needless to say, I'm being a little more diligent about checking the floor now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Impulse Shopper

I hate to say it, but I am now an impulse shopper.

I used to be one of those frugal people who could pass up any deal without so much as a glance. If I didn't absolutely need it, then I didn't buy it.

Now I have Baby. Do you know how many adorable things are out there for her? Things she could use, things she could wear, things she could eat? Things that are soft and nice to snuggle up with. Things that can help her learn. Things that she will look adorable in. Things that will make eating fun. Things that will make bath time fun. Things that make noise. Things that squish. Things that have different textures. So many things!

I really have to stop myself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nursery

Husband and I are frequent churchgoers. We go to a small church in a nearby town where we feel very loved and welcome. Recently, I told Husband I did not want to go anymore.

For the first few months of Baby's life, she stayed in the church service with us. She would nurse, sleep, hang out, whatever. It was nice.

Now that she has gotten older, she tends to be a little distracting to the people around her (read that as, she giggles, laughs, talks, lets out high pitched squeals, you get the idea). Thus, the church has a nursery where the babies can go.

I don't have issues with the nursery or church. My issue is that I don't get to see my Baby as often as I like. I work full time, and only see her in the morning when we get ready and after I pick her up from daycare hours later. Then we go home, play and make dinner, eat, bath, and bed. Repeat the next day. Why do I want to add in another day (I know it's only about an hour), where I give my baby to someone else to take care of?

Time with Baby is precious, and I want to be selfish.

Is that so bad?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Baby had a pretty good head of hair when she was born. It wasn't extreme, like some babies I have seen, but she had a fair amount.

Then slowly it started falling out and growing in thicker and lighter. Lately I can tell that it has been getting longer. As can my daycare lady, M.

The other day M sent me a text picture of Baby hanging out at daycare (I love when she texts me throughout the day how Baby is doing. I am constantly checking my phone at work). In the picture, Baby had her hair up in a ponytail at the top of her head. It looked adorable.

I had mixed emotions. As her mommy, I feel like I missed out on giving her her first ponytail. M had asked me if it was okay, and I said sure, she could do her hair, but I still felt like I missed something. Even if it only involved putting a rubber band in her hair. I know I've done the headbands galore, but it's not quite the same. I feel like it's something a mommy and daughter would do. I have memories of my sister and mother and I playing with each other's hair that I look back on with fondness. I want that with Baby and me.

I tried to recreate the ponytail with Baby at home, and it was really frustrating. She wouldn't sit still and I had a hard time getting her baby fine hair to cooperate. Husband was watching me almost have a meltdown. If M can do it, I can most certainly do it. Luckily I was determined and made it work.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


No, Baby isn't walking yet. But I wish she was.

She just has absolutely no desire to stand up on her two feet and take those first few steps. I even try to hold her hands and guide her, but she just whines and plops herself down where she can crawl to her hearts content.

I can't say that I blame her. Why walk when she can already do everything she wants? If she wants to go get a toy, she can crawl. If she wants something off of the coffee table or couch, she can pull herself up and grab it. If she wants something at one end of the couch and she is at the other, she can cruise her way on down. If she wants to get Mommy or Daddy to pick her up, she can crawl to them and use their pantlegs to pull herself up and get their attention. Simply no need to learn how to walk when she can do everything already.

People have told me to watch out when she learns how to walk. I say, "for what?" I mean really. She is already pretty quick when she crawls (ask the cat, who she now tortures on a daily basis. Really, he just needs to run away when he sees her coming.), and I won't have to move anything to higher ground because it is already up. She can reach it by pulling herself up. I don't think walking will change that.

However, walking would entail buying shoes. Baby doesn't really have any of those. Why would she? I mean, she can't walk yet.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Food Processor

I am very disappointed in the Food Processor I bought from Babies R Us not too long ago. Since Baby can eat whatever we eat, she only has two teeth and doesn't quite understand the whole chewing business, I bought a mini food processor to help her out.

It was the only one at Babies R Us, and since we had a gift card, I went for it. Needless to say, I regret that action.

Sure, the food processor does what it says it will (kinda). It has nifty features like two storage containers that go with it, and a push to start mechanism that only works when you hold it down so that no little fingers get caught anywhere, but it does not do the one thing I bought it for, which is process food.

It has the tiniest blade of which the diameter is nearly half the width of the container itself. Does that make sense? So when I put food in to be processed, it spins its blade around, tossing all the food out along the edges, where it can no longer be processed because the blade doesn't reach it. So I lift up the container, give it a shake and then put it back down. Only to repeat the process again and again until I give up and pull out a fork and mash the food myself.

I would bring the food processor back to the store, but I already used it and I threw the box away thinking that I didn't need it anymore.

I think I need to write the company a letter of complaint against their tiny blade. It's just not working for me and leaves me feeling a little frustrated.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Addicted to Nursing

Hi, my name is Beth and I am addicted to nursing.

Yes, there can be worse things out there to be addicted to, but do you know how amazing nursing is? I could get up on a soapbox and tell you all about the wonderful things nursing does for Baby, I'm not talking about Baby here. I'm talking about me.

First of all, I'm burning 500 extra calories a day to make this milk. That's a few extra candy bars I can munch on happily. While I am still trying to lose this baby weight and I know the candy bars don't help much (and I really don't eat that many- I think we are all out of the Halloween chocolate anyway), it's nice to know that I have that excuse to eat a little more.

Secondly, can we say larger chest? Husband really appreciates this one. I never had any kind of chest before, and now I do. Why would I want to give that up?

Third, while nursing I get to hold my gorgeous child and gaze lovingly into her eyes. It's the only time she will sit still with me (even books don't get her attention- I can only get about a page in until she is off and crawling). Nursing holds her in place so I can hold her.

Fourth, and the best part of all, I haven't started my monthly cycle yet. Yes, I know all you ladies out there are jealous that I haven't had a period in over eighteen months. That's a year and a half! Go ahead and be jealous. I would be.

Do you see now why I am addicted to nursing? Sure, it involves pumping a few times a day at work, but that's nothing compared to the benefits I get. Oh, and not to mention the less superficial stuff like women who nurse have a lower risk of breast cancer and other diseases (I added in the other diseases part, but it's probably true).

So will I be the crazy lady nursing her four year old child? Probably not. I'm sure Baby will have weaned herself by then. Maybe.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nine Month Checkup

I cannot believe Baby just turned nine months old. That's only three months away from being a year! Time is just flying by.

Baby had her nine month checkup a few days ago and it went really well. I was hoping Baby would be walking by the time we had her appointment so I could go in there and impress the nurses and doctor with how advanced my child is, but she didn't want to cooperate. She'll walk when she's ready, not when I am.

It felt weird walking into the hospital because I haven't been there in so long. When I was pregnant and when Baby was first born it felt like I practically lived there. Husband was the one who took her to her last appointment, so it's been about five months for me (I think). I liked looking at all the other little babies who were there. There was a lady with her daughter there for her four month checkup (I know because I was eavesdropping when she checked in). It was hard to remember Baby being that young.

We were called back and Baby's temperature was taken, then she had to get naked to be weighed. I think she was a little freaked out by the office and another person checking her out. Usually when we go new places I just hold her and let her get used to it on her own; however, we didn't have time for that.

I stripped her down and stuck her on the scale. She weighs 16.58 pounds. She's in the tenth percentile for her weight. The doctor noted that I do not have an obese baby. That's for sure. She's quite active and isn't very interested in food, so she hasn't been packing on the pounds. I'm okay with that if there are no problems.

Baby is 27 inches long (I forget what percentile she was in for that one, but it wasn't too far off the curve since her last appointment), and her head circumference went up a little in the percentile chart. The doctor checked her out very quickly and quizzed me about her sleeping habits (she goes to bed around 7:30 or eight, and we wake her up around six- I may have forgotten to mention the numerous times she wakes up in the night, but I didn't really want to hear about sleep training and all that. Besides, she just wakes up to nurse real quick, then goes right back to sleep. In my head,it's not really waking up like she does when she wants to play).

We also learned that Baby can now eat whatever we are eating (as long as it is mashed up), with the exception of peanut products and shellfish. I was glad that the doctor mentioned that because I still have no idea how this whole solid food thing is supposed to be working. I've been feeding Baby the little baby food jars, but she's not all that interested. She LOVES the Gerber Puffs things, though!

Overall Baby was announced to be in perfect health, which was okay with me. As a parting gift, they gave her a little board book showing all kinds of shapes. How nice is that?

Friday, November 12, 2010


Halloween was a blast! I had such a good time I can't wait to do it again next year.

I was afraid Baby wouldn't like wearing her costume, but she didn't mind at all. It was a giant footsie thing with a giraffe head on the hoodie. She's really good about wearing headbands and hats, so she didn't try to pull the hoodie off her head like I thought she might. I let her crawl around in it and took a few pictures. Then the doorbell started ringing.

We answered the door and passed out candy to the kids. There was a lady pushing her own daughter (dressed as a ladybug) in a stroller and collecting candy. I think that was what helped me decide to take Baby out trick or treating. Originally we had planned to just sit outside, pass out candy, and hang out with the neighbors a bit. Once I saw the other mommy with just her ladybug daughter, I figured I wouldn't be the only weird one in the neighborhood.

Husband dressed up as Clark Kent/Superman (He had a white button up shirt over the a Superman logo T-shirt), and I threw on a headband with cat ears. We opted out of putting baby in her stroller and just took turns carrying her around instead. Husband said he felt weird knocking on people's doors and saying "trick or treat" for her, so I took her up to most of the doors. I tried to time it so that I went up to the door right when another group of kids was going to knock. That way the person answering might associate me with the random group, instead of some crazy parent. I told Husband my trick, but he didn't buy it.

At first Baby was a little confused about what was going on. She just kept looking around at everything. We took her past all the decorations and things on people's lawns that are supposed to scare a person, but she just stared at them trying to figure them out. I guess she's not at the scaring age yet, whatever that may be.

About halfway through (we only walked around the block), she realized that people were paying her lots of attention and she started smiling at people when they answered the door. That was the fun part; hearing them exclaim over how cute she was. Although I realize now that I should have put a pink bow on the giraffe ear of her costume so that people would know that it was a girl. Next time I'll make sure we are more gender specific.

During our walk, Husband felt inspired to do better on our decorations next year (Seriously, we went to Target afterward and bought a few of their Halloween items on sale). Plus, we ended up with loads of candy! We didn't really pass ours out because we were out walking the neighborhood, so we have that. Also, we got a bunch more from Baby's trick or treating skills. I'm not looking forward to when we don't get to eat her candy anymore.

Now to figure out what we will be next year.