Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The booger sucker thing is the best toy for parents. I know, it's called an aspirator, but I can never remember that and it's just more fun to call it the booger sucker. I have a bulb syringe aspirator that we may or may not have stolen from the hospital (I'm pretty sure we were supposed to take it.).

When Baby had a cold not too long ago I was able to use it to help her breathe better. I was able to use it again last night when I could hear her breathing getting muffled. She also started this whistling noise through her nose, which drove me bonkers. So at two this morning (last night, really) I pulled out the booger sucker and went to town.

The funny thing is that I think she sees me get really excited about it, so she smiles and laughs when I do it. Then we play a game of who can get the booger. I try to suck it out, she breathes it back it. This goes on for a few seconds until inevitably one of us wins or she gets fussy and we call a truce until later. It's a game every parent plays, I'm sure.

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