Monday, April 12, 2010

One Month

March 7, 2010
Baby is one month old today! It's weird how my life has totally changed because of her. I love holding her and nursing her, although I don't love the lack of sleep or not being able to do anything. I am starting to get better, though. I used to be one of those people who could get a lot accomplished at once. Now I am learning how to set reasonable goals so that I can still feel like I am a normal person. For example, one goal for the day might be to do a load of laundry. Or load the dishwasher. Or vacuum. It has been frustrating feeling like I am tied down, but I am learning to take things in stride. I mean, the dishes don't really need to be done at this point in time, and I can just rewear my maternity jeans another day.

Today we decided to take Baby to a friend's going away party. I really wanted to go because I didn't think we would see this friend again and wanted a chance to say goodbye. Husband and I debated about it because Baby is so young and there will probably be children at this party and we really don't want her to get sick. In the end we decided to go, and I am glad we did.

It gave me a chance to get out a see people we haven't seen in a while. Plus, I got to show off Baby. Baby lasted about ten minutes at the party before she was hungry. I then spent the rest of our time there in a back room feeding her. Then we went home. It was nice that a few of the ladies did come back to say hi to me. A note for females with breastfeeding friends- do go say hello to them when they are back there alone. It is nice to have modesty, but company is better, at least for me anyway. Just ask if they mind if you hang out, and you can go from there.

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