Monday, April 12, 2010

Bottles and Colds are a Good Mix

March 18, 2010
I was very excited the other day because Baby finally drank from a bottle. This one was the Nuk Orthodontic. My sister had come over to hang out and I nonchalantly asked her if she wanted to feed Baby. I did not mention the fact that Baby had been absolutely refusing to take it from us. She said sure, and Baby took it. I was so excited that I took multiple pictures as proof that she could actually do it. I told my sister that she was amazing, and was starting to feel hopeful that maybe I could be away from Baby for a few hours and not worry about her going hungry.

Well it turns out Baby had a cold. She had a little temperature, was really congested, and started spitting up a ton (usually she doesn't spit up at all). Everything I read said at the first sign of illness in a child less than three months, you have to call the docotr. So I did, and took her in. $15 later they told me she had a cold and just to watch her. I totally could have told them that! Oh well. They just wanted to make sure it was nothing serious, which I suppose I appreciate. Maybe.

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