Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beth Creates!

Hi.  I'm Beth.  One of those people who usually has a million things to do, likes to be organized, and thrives on interactions with others.

Eight months into my new Stay-At-Home-Mom Gig and I really had no idea what I was doing.  I think I'm searching for some sort of purpose or something.  I know my purpose right now is my children, but I needed something just for me.

Thus, I started a business of sorts.  I can sometimes do crafty things, so why not try to sell what I can make?  If it sells, it sells.  If it doesn't, then it doesn't.  In a whirlwind, I made a name for myself; Beth Creates.  I made a Facebook page, signed up for Paypal, ordered some business cards, and started advertising.  Husband (who went to Business school), half-jokingly told me I was doing everything wrong when it comes to start a business.  However, I ran with it. 

The first items I made were baby legwarmers.  I wanted to make a pair for Flower, discovered how easy they were, so I mass produced and listed them for sale.

Then I went back to my crochet roots.  A long, long time ago someone in my family (I seriously can't remember if it was my mother or my grandmother), taught me how to hold a crochet hook, twirl some yarn around it, and voila!  Something was created.

I saw some earwarmer headband things and thought, "I can make that."  So I did.  And I added flowers and buttons and listed those for sale.

I saw boot cuffs and thought, "How fun!"  So I made those.

I reached out to people doing craft fairs and finagled my way into selling a few of my items.  I perused Facebook and found every craft page I could find and requested to join.  (There are some amazing craft people out there!)

I grilled friends and family and received lots of input and advice on how to make and sell things. 

Currently I'm working on hats.

I'm having a blast, probably spending more than I'm making, but I'm feeling good about it.

You can view my Facebook page at 

It's very, very rough, and I really have no idea what I'm doing.  Feel free to message or email me if you want me to try to create something for you.  I'm pretty good at looking at pictures and coming up with my own version. 

That's the story of where I've been the past couple of months.  Sitting on the couch during naptime or after bedtime and crocheting or sewing away.  I would like to get back to blogging again, soon.  Thanks for checking in on me!