Monday, April 12, 2010

Muscle Spasms

March 29, 2010
I had a doctor's appointment today. I have been having very painful muscle spasms between my shoulder blades, and Husband made me schedule an appointment. I've had about three in the past three weeks. They are so incredibly painful that I roll around on the floor in pain until they stop. I'm not kidding; that's why Husband made me call the doctor.

The doctor asked me questions and felt my back. She was thinking of prescribing a muscle relaxer, but changed her mind when I told her I was breastfeeding. Instead she gave me prescription Motrin. It really bugs me when doctors just prescribe medicine. That will just mask the pain, not get rid of the cause. I asked her what I could do physically to make it go away.

She said my trapezius muscle is overworked due to constantly hunching over to feed and hold the baby, which is causing the pain. She gave me pain meds, told me to sit up straight and get a rocking chair. Husband actually just went out and got me one. Now I have a really comfortable glider chair.

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