Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rib Pain

October 21, 2009
There was a period of about three weeks or so when I actually enjoyed being pregnant. Now, I'm not so sure. I started having pretty bad pain in the side of my ribs recently, right under the bra strap. The only things that helped were taking off my bra and laying down. I've had minor pains for a while, just at short bursts, but they never bothered me that much. These pains are definitely troubling. It even got so bad that I had to unsnap my bra at work and just work with it unsnapped. I knew I had to do something after that.

What do I do? I google it, of course! Pretty much all of the information I found talked about the ribcage expanding to make room for my organs since the baby is growing and taking up more room. They also said there really isn't anything you can do for it, besides stretching and yoga-type activities (therefore I took up prenatal yoga. Guess what? It works!) and getting a larger bra.

The morning before I was going to get a new bra, my ribs were really hurting. So much so that I did not want to put my bra on for any reason, even though we were scheduled to go out. I tried no bra, but things were too visible. I tried layering a tank top with a shirt, but I was still too visible. If I had Band-Aids, I would have used those. I didn't have any, but I did have packing tape. Yes, I taped myself down with packing tape. The only problem was that you could see the outline of the packing tape through my shirt. I tried larger pieces. I tried smaller pieces. Husband tried making an X with the pieces. No luck, but I was still determined not to wear a bra. In the end I layered my Bella Band (pulled up extra high), with a tank top and my shirt. It was still a pretty warm day or I would have been able to wear a sweater as well. I was still slightly visible through the shirt, but I passed it off OK. Husband said he could notice, but I don't think I received any odd looks from people. Some of you might be thinking that I should have been fine through all those layers, but I gotta tell you that I am going to be excellent at nursing.

That afternoon we went bra shopping. First of all, I hate bra shopping. I feel so self-conscious. I know it's natural, but that's how I feel. I tried on a bunch of different sizes and found an ugly one that fit the best (not perfectly, but better than any of the others). I needed something to help me out. The problem, though, is that my cup size really hasn't increased. I don't happen to be one of those females who miraculously gets a larger chest. I've always been on the small side, and I was hoping for the larger chest, but maybe I'll get one when my milk comes in... Anyway, it's my ribcage that has expanded, making my bra too tight. I made husband measure, and it's rounded itself out to be an extra four to five inches in circumference. No wonder I hurt!

I also discovered bra extenders that you can add on to the band. That solves the problem of increasing the band size without increasing the cup size. I was getting pretty frustrated trying bras on and not finding anything that fit. It even says on the package that they are good for maternity wear. Since buying them, I have been much better. I still hurt at times, but I try not to wear my bra when at home and to do my yoga exercises to help. Thank you, company with the pretty pink packaging.

Wasted Evening

October 16, 2009

Doctor appointments are a waste of time.

On this day, I met up with Husband to go to my appointment, as I usually do. Upon arrival we were informed that the doctor was running about a half an hour late. Well, we didn't have much choice, so we waited. I peed in my urine cup and hung out with Husband. This day also happened to be one of the days the flu shot was being offered. As we sat in the waiting room we overheard screaming, crying children whose parents were attempting to comfort them. We also sat across from a few teenage girls who were pregnant. I do believe they were still in high school. What is it with all these pregnant teens? One had a five or six year old with her already, and I think he was hers! I couldn't believe the way she spoke to him. Her friends were playing with him and every other sentence she said to him sent mixed messages and contained a curse word or two. No wonder our children are anxious and confused.

After about an hour of waiting, I was called in to the hallway. There I was weighed, where I discovered I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my whole entire life! Granted, I have a wonderful excuse, but the number just shocked me. Then I was led into the little office where my blood pressure was taken (normal). I asked if Husband could come join me, and they said they had to ask the usual safety questions first; Do I feel safe at home? Yes. Am I being abused? No. Do I feel like I am bringing my baby into an unsafe environment? No. Then husband came in and waited with me.

More waiting. We could hear the doctor talking next door, but it probably took her another half hour, at least, to come over to us. Finally, she came in and introduced herself. This was a doctor I had never seen before. She said she used to be the head of the Women's Health department, but stepped down to be closer to patients. She seemed very efficient and matter of fact, not scatter-brained like some of the other doctors I've met.

She put the goo on my tummy and we heard the heartbeat. Then she measured my stomach. I had never realized before how this was done. In my mind, the circumference of the stomach was measured. Nope. Apparently they measure from the pelvis to the belly button, or close to that. She did it so quickly and I didn't realize what she had done until after the appointment, or I would have asked what the measurement was.

I asked about signing up for classes, and she told me to go the Health Education Department for the information. She also talked about my Rh factor (my rare blood type) and the need for the RhoGam shot. She stated that normally every Rh negative pregnant woman (that's me!) would automatically get the shot to help protect the fetus; however, there is a worldwide shortage of the shot, so she asked Husband to get his blood tested to see if we were a match and maybe I wouldn't have to get it. I was very excited about this. I had to have my blood drawn multiple times and undergo weeks of vomiting. Now he could share in a part of it! Doctor drew up a lab request for us so we could go after the appointment. She also said she had openings on her patient list if I was interested. I was, despite the long waiting time for her, so I added myself to her patient list. Now I have an actual doctor assigned to me.

That was pretty much the whole appointment. Over an hour of waiting and five minutes with the actual doctor. What a waste of time. I can tell you if my baby is growing or not. Just watch my stomach. I can also weigh myself and measure my stomach. If I have questions, then I can just call. No need to waste an evening waiting around.

Next we went to the lab and Husband had his blood drawn. We got the results a few days later and he is O+. Definitely not a match. Guess I have to get the shot after all. Bummer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways

October 14, 2009

What do I like about being pregnant?

The attention. I LOVE the attention. This may be why I am offended when nobody notices my tummy. Well, it's certainly growing now. Please feel free to comment and smile at me because I am contributing to the human race and growing a wonderful creature inside of me.

The adoring, loving looks my husband gives me. I think he's proud; he's proven his manhood. Granted, he does deserve some credit.

The small kicks and movements I feel inside of me. They prove that something is really in there. I might change my mind about this one later, when the kicking becomes stronger and starts to hurt, but right now I like it.

People offering to do things for me because of my "condition."

Being able to eat large food portions.

Yeah, that's about it. Other than that, I don't fancy being pregnant. Some women love it. I think they are crazy. Read my earlier blogs for reasons why.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maternity Clothes

October 9, 2009

I went to Target with husband today in search of more maternity clothes. A new Target opened up by us and I was hoping they had a better selection. As a matter of fact, they did. I was able to get a couple of shirts, but I am still lacking in the pants department. I tried on the smallest sizes and they were still too big. Guess I am just destined to wear designer bottoms!

We went to check out and there was a pregnant girl two people in front of us talking to the cashier. She looked like she was straight out of the eighties. She was wearing bright pink leggings and a neon green sweater shirt. She also had multiple piercings on her face. I think a lip ring and maybe a nose ring. She looked really young, about seventeen or so. I overheard her tell the cashier that she couldn't find any maternity to clothes to fit her because she was too small overall. I could totally relate. Then, she told the cashier she was five months pregnant. Her belly was twice as big as mine, and I'm five months! I was rather dumbfounded.

I turned to Husband next to me and declared my eavesdropping, "Honey, that girl is five months pregnant! Look at her and look at me!" I gestured to both of us. I think he may have been embarrassed at my outburst, but I don't think pregnant girl noticed. The guy in between us did and stared at me. I'm still at the stage where you can't really tell unless you know me. With that girl, you could totally tell.

Then it was my turn with the cashier, and I think she gave me a funny look when she rang up my maternity shirts. I bet she was trying to decide if those shirts were for me or not.

I'm not sure how I feel about having a small tummy. Does that mean my baby will be smaller? That would be nice, as long as she's healthy. Granted, I still have four months to go, so who knows what will happen. I do seem to be growing exponentially, at least compared to what I have been. It would also be fun to be the pregnant person at the store that everyone smiles at, instead of the one they stare at to try and figure out if she is pregnant or not. I'm going to try putting my hand to my belly more and smiling at people. Maybe they'll get the hint. Or maybe they'll think I have indigestion because I ate too much.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pregnant, Spoiled, and Loving It

October 4, 2009
Today husband convinced me to go to the mall for some maternity clothes. I had been dragging my heels in for a while on this now, but after going through all of my regular clothes and finding that nothing was fitting, it was time. Plus, I had been given some maternity items by generous girlfriends who had recently had kids, but none of the jeans fit me. Don't tell me I will grow into them. My thighs and butt are not going to grow five inches, I don't care what you say.

We went to a maternity store in the mall and were greeted by the saleslady. She congratulated me on my first pregnancy (one of the best parts of being pregnant is the attention!) and told me about the store. Up front they had the fancy designer clothes and in the back they had the more affordable clothes. She didn't say the actual word "affordable," but that's how I interpreted it. She then asked me where I normally shopped, so she could help me find clothing around that same type. I gave her a blank stare. I don't normally shop. Really. I go with other people who like to shop, but most of the items I own are actually hand me downs from friends or my stylish sister who loves to shop. Where the items come from I have no idea, but they work for me. I glanced at husband for help and he gave me nothing. I told the lady that I really don't shop and she gave me an incredulous look and proceeded to explain which stores correlate to which section a little more.

Husband went to sit down in the comfy chairs in front of the flat screen tv while I was whisked around the store. It was quite an experience, and I definitely gave my opinion. I was there for a pair of jeans. No, I don't like the distressed look. I want flare or boot cut, not the straight leg. My size? Um, small or medium, maybe? Well, apparently I am an extra small or smaller, so my choices were a little limited. I followed the lady as she wandered around the store pulling items out and laying them across her arms. She then passed them off to another saleslady who set up a dressing room for me and came back to relieve the first lady.

The second lady was really great. I need to find their website and write a compliment for her or something. I asked her to guess how far along I was and her guess was about ten weeks off. She was amazed at how far along I was and how small I remained. We then talked about ways to help show off my tummy and she introduced me to ruched shirts. Very cool. They are elastic at the sides so they hug the right curves. I definitely liked those, although once again everything they had was too large. I'm going to have to hunt some of those shirts in another store.

I then ventured into the dressing room where I tried on a bazillion pairs of jeans and a few shirts. The saleslady stayed by the door the whole time and we discussed every item, as well as showed them off to husband. I was also brought water to drink in the dressing room, how cool is that? Saleslady then had to leave and another came and helped me. I was able to try on "the belly" which is basically a velcro belly to strap on with the clothes to check if they will fit later on. Yes, they will.

I tried to get husband to take a picture of me with the belly on, but he refused. We will just have to wait and see if I actually do get that big! As luck would have it, none of the affordable jeans fit me. I guess I am just designer material. So I caved in and spent the most amount of money I have ever spent on a pair of jeans in my entire life, and probably the most I will ever spend on a pair of jeans ever, and they are maternity that I am only going to wear for a few months. But they are so cute and I am so happy with them and I swore husband to secrecy that he will never tell how much they cost because I do feel slightly guilty about the amount. So for those of you who see me during my pregnancy, yes, I will be wearing the same pair of jeans. But I will definitely look fabulous!

Husband's Turn

October 3, 2009
Husband was able to feel the baby move this morning! I woke up and could feel her moving around, so I made husband put his hand on my tummy. "Did you feel that?" I asked him. "Yeah," he said. He didn't seem too excited. I think I was more excited than him. I'd been waiting for him to be able to feel her for a while.

I'd been able to feel little pokes from the inside for a few weeks now, but they haven't been strong enough to feel from the outside. Plus, I wasn't even sure of what I was feeling. I didn't think they were anything else, but it wasn't the way that I had heard it described. People have described the movement as "eyelashes" or "soft butterflies inside your stomach." Oh no. I don't feel that at all. I feel small little pokes here and there. That's the only way I can think to describe it. It's like being poked softly from the inside of my tummy at various times and in various spots.

Now every time I feel her move I try to grab his hand so he can feel. She hasn't been moving around that much though, lately. Or if she does, she stops when we try to feel her from the outside. Shows you she already has a mind of her own (must take after her mother).

Boy or Girl?

September 25, 2009
Ultrasound day! I was excited and a little nervous all day long. The appointment wasn't until late afternoon, so I had a million thoughts going through my head. Will everything be ok? Will we be able to tell if it is a boy or girl? Should I find out? Should I keep it a secret? What if there are more than one? Maybe the doctor will find a second baby hiding in there!

Anyway, I met Husband at the other hospital facility (remember that my current one does not have an ultrasound machine, so they send me to the next town over). It is a brand new facility, so it was really nice inside and out. It had clean floors, a calming atmosphere, and no people. I wasn't sure where to go, so we found a map and wandered around until we found the women's health section. There the nurse told me to go back downstairs to radiology. Apparently that is where they do the ultrasounds. I checked in and they sent me across the hall to the waiting room.

Husband and I sat waiting- he played on his iphone and I hung out. A girl about my age came out and met a friend. We saw her sobbing and heard her complain, "She was so mean! She wouldn't even talk to me." I wasn't sure what she meant, but it did make me a little nervous.

The doctor called me in next, and I lay down on the hospital recliner thing. I don't want to say bed, because it's not a bed, but it's a thing you have to lay down on, so I'll call it a recliner. The doctor then spread the goo on my tummy and told us not to ask questions because she had to do her job. Wait, what? Don't ask questions? We are about to see our child on a screen in front of us, how can we refrain from asking questions? No wonder the girl before me came out crying. I would have, too, if Husband had not been there. How rude! Well, we controlled ourselves. The doctor also asked if I had anything to drink about an hour before. Nope, not really. Nobody told me anything about how to prepare for this thing. I was just sent a card in the mail that said show up at this date and time. I'm not sure why I would have had to have a full bladder. She was still able to see the baby. Something to do with taking measurements of something or other. A fact to google, I suppose, although I don't really care. Last time I went in with a full bladder it was really painful. I don't want to do that again.

Doctor lady had a list of items she had to find with the wand thingy, and take pictures of them. I tried to watch the screen the whole time, and could vaguely figure out what things were. It helped that she labeled some of them, and I was trying to interpret the codes she used. It was pretty cool to see the baby on the screen in black and white. It was much bigger than before! At one point, she was trying to capture something, and I thought to myself, are those the balls? Is it a boy? Turns out it was a nose. Oops. I don't think I'm very good at reading those.

We were able to see quite a lot of detail. We saw bone development, legs, arms, and the baby's lips and nose (She explained that she had to check for a cleft lip. We are in the clear!). She also measured the hearbeat and we got to see the soundwaves come up on the screen. It measured about 132 beats per minute, which was less than the 150 we heard at the last appointment. I had a smile on my face the whole time she was moving the wand around on my tummy. That living thing is inside of me! Amazing!

Towards the end she asked if we wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl. I think we decided at that moment to find out if we could. I asked her if she could tell, and she said that yes, it was very obvious. Then she showed us. Just like you hold up a baby's legs to change it's diaper, that was the position my baby was in, showing off its parts. Any guesses yet? As a matter of fact, it's a girl! She explained what the girl parts were and told us that it was a very definite thing. We're going to have a daughter!

Based on the computer measurements, the baby weighed about 11 oz. She said everything else seemed healthy, and the only thing to note was that the baby is breech (head is near my belly button when it is supposed to be upside down). She then printed out a bunch of pictures for us to take home. We got a cool picture of the baby resting her arm on her leg, two of her sucking her thumb, a really cool foot picture where you can see the bottom of her foot, another one of her arm, and one of her looking at us. The doctor pointed out that you can see the lens of her eye in that, which is what is developing now, so it was a good thing.

After the appointment Husband and I decided whether or not we wanted to tell people. We made the decision that we would, but we wanted to be together when we told everyone. We got home and called his family. We started off by making them take a guess as to the gender of the baby. Most people guessed boy. They were very excited, though, when we told them we are having a girl.

Husband went online and ordered our first pink onesie, he was so excited. I thought it was cute! The next step was to decide how to spell the name. We had agreed on names a while ago. That was one of our major decisions we had to make before we could even become pregnant. Names are a big deal to both to us, so we had a lot of negotiating and discussion before we finally agreed on a boy and a girl name. Then we got pregnant.