Monday, April 12, 2010

I am a Zombie

March 2, 2010
Talk about no sleep! I've never been this tired in my life! It's not like in college when you could pull an all nighter but have the promise of sleep after class. Nope, there is no hope for months!

I was putting Baby in the bassinet, but she wakes up so often that I get more sleep if she just sleeps next to me in bed. Our current sleeping arrangement is her and I in our queen bed while Husband sleeps on the pull out couch next to us.

I try to put her to sleep at nine, and then I go to bed. Baby wakes up between midnight and one, so I get about three hours solid there. Then she eats, and wakes up again around two. Then four. Then five thirty. Then seven. Then nine. That's when I drag myself out of bed and start the day. I get maybe hour to an hour and a half blocks at a time.

Baby doesn't have to eat each time (only every three hours), but her little tummy wakes her up when she has to poo. It hurts her, poor thing, and she wakes up crying and upset until she pushes it out. I asked the doctor and doctor said it was normal for babies to fuss when they poo or have gas. I have to wonder, though. This seems rather extreme. I 'm not an expert on newborns, but I haven't heard anyone else talk about this. Therefore, I decided to google my little probem (Ah, Google, my old friend, I have returned.).

Google suggested I cut milk products out of my diet to see if that made a difference. A lot of babies have a hard time digesting dairy proteins (dairy is anything that comes from cows). These proteins can stay in my body for a few weeks and come out through my milk. That means no ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and chocolate for weeks! But if it lets me get some sleep, I think I can try it.

I started to cut out dairy, but then Husband's family came in and bought us all kind of yummy foods and I really couldn't say no to their generosity. I'm going to start working on it again and try to eat really bland things and see if that makes a difference. I hope so, then her and I can get some more sleep.

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