Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two Day Check Up

February 10, 2010
We went in today for Baby's two day checkup. They took her temperature and it was really low. This worried the nurse, so she tried again. And again. And again. Her temperature was taken under her arm, then in her bottom. The nurse tried it with three different thermometers. I even held her against me to try to warm her up, then we took her temperature again. Still low.

If babies have a low temperature, it could signal some type of infection, leading to lots of tests and even a spinal tap. Husband and I were very upset when we heard this. I started crying in the office, which in turn made the nurse cry. She had to get a doctor for us to talk to, but luckily the doctor said we didn't need to do tests just yet, since she seemed healthy otherwise and was eating well. However, we were told to do lots of skin to skin contact with her, and bring her back in the next day.

We then went to get her blood drawn to check her jaundice again. I was still an emotional wreck and even made the lab nurse cry. She was very sweet though and told us she would pray for us.

We then went home, cranked up the heat, and spent the rest of the day holding Baby with our shirts off.

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