Monday, April 12, 2010

Follow Up to ER Visit

February 16, 2010
Days have started to blend together, and I never knew a person could be this tired! When I actually do sleep, it is such a deep sleep that I don't even hear the phone ring. This is completely out of character for me since I used to be such a light sleeper. Not anymore!

Baby had a follow up appointment today to her ER visit, and doctor said all was well. She was such a good girl during her appointment, too! She didn't cry at all and was just staring at everything going on.

I can now stop feeding her 24/7 (one of the ways to help the jaundice was to feed, feed, feed.) Now the problem I'm having is that she still wants to be stuck to me 24/7 and won't fall asleep without me. As I type, she's in her bassinet screaming her little lungs out. We'll see how long I can last. It's like torture!

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