Monday, April 12, 2010

Scariest Night Ever

February 11, 2010 Part 2
Well, we spoke too soon. This evening she started acting really lethargic and not her normal self. We took her temperature and it was really low again, so we called the advice nurse.

The nurse said to take her in to the ER so a doctor could check her out, since it is not normal. As we were loading her into the carseat she went totally limp, which really freaked us out. We rushed to the ER (FYI my car can go over 100 and we may have a couple of tickets for running red lights), where the nurse was able to wake her up. They then gave her some fluids via IV, drew lots of blood and sent it off to be tested.

They also called the closest pediatricians (this specific hospital was not that equipped yet), couldn't get ahold of anyone there, so they called the pediatricians where we delivered her. They said to bring her in, so they called for an ambulance and her and I rode to that hospital.

They wanted to do a spinal tap as well, but I didn't want to subject her to that just yet and told them to hold off until we got the other lab results. They put us in a room where they hooked her up to a bunch of machines to monitor her and asked us a million questions about our health and her birth. They wanted to watch her for 48 hours to see what she was doing. Husband and I were devastated. We would just hold her and cry.

Finally the lab results came back and they were all negative for any infections. They ended up releasing us a few hours early since she was acting and appearing totally normal. They said it was most likely they jaundice that made her act that way, since jaundice can make babies very lethargic.

Now we are back at home and watching her very carefully, although she seems to be doing just fine.

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