Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Preparing for kindergarten

I didn't think I would be one of those parents who made a big deal out of my child going to kindergarten.  I mean, she was in daycare every workday for the first three years of her life.  I said goodbye to her every morning, was away from her all day, then picked her up every afternoon.  That was life.

Then I had the opportunity to stay home with her once her younger sister arrived.  It was one of my dreams come true.  I wanted to be there with my children to experience life with them, to do all the day to day activities with them, to view the world through their eyes as they learn and discover new things every day.  From doing laundry and dishes to going on beach trips and expeditions to the zoo, we've experienced it together.  

She's been in preschool the past two years, but it's only been a few days a week, and a few hours at that, but it seems so insignificant compared to kindergarten.  I was still able to eat lunch with her every day and do day trips during the week on her off days.  I won't be able to do that with her anymore.  Kindergarten here includes lunchtime and of course occurs all week long  It's a huge difference to what we've been doing.   

My five-year old daughter starts kindergarten tomorrow.  Already! I am truly going to miss her.  She has been my little helper, my constant companion, my biggest challenge, and someone I love with all my heart.  I worry about her going off into the world of public school and encountering people I don't know, getting influenced by things beyond my control.  I know she will be fine, but as a mom I think it's ingrained in me to have that worry.  

I think she's feeling some anxiety about it as well.  Her emotions have been more vivid lately as I see her crying more easily and her anxiety manifesting as she frequently chews on her nails.  Being the booklover that I am, I gathered a group of books about going to school so that we could start preparing and getting in the school mindset. 

The big day is tomorrow and Husband has arranged to work from home so that all of us can walk her to school in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon.  I'm hoping for a smooth day for all of us as we cross into the next chapter of our daughter's life.