Monday, April 1, 2013

The Second Week

Baby2 really is the complete opposite of Baby.  On top of sleeping, she also spits up.  Baby never did that.  I now know what spit up rags are really used for.  Also, she is noisy.  She snores and makes random little squeaky noises in her sleep.  She cries out a lot in her sleep, too.

She also cries a lot.  Not at one time, but she will let you know when she is uncomfortable, like when she has gas in her tummy or needs to burp (and she needs to burp all the time).

She also has experienced some nipple confusion.  Husband discovered he could calm her by letting her suck on his knuckle.  But when I got her back, she would have a hard time latching on and get really frustrated.  I had no qualms against pacifiers, but I think I want to wait to try one with her so she doesn't get confused again.  Same with bottles.

We had another appointment with Dr. T that went well.  He said she is looking great.  Her levels for jaundice were borderline, but we decided that since she keeps having good diapers, we will not have her blood drawn again (that was not fun.  It took the tech a really long time to get all the droplets he needed.  Then her blood clotted and he had to poke her again.  My poor baby.)  The appointment for the ENT specialist is at the end of the month.

In terms of me, recovery from delivering a baby has been great.  Healthwise though, I am sick.  I was seriously exhausted in the week leading up to Baby2's birth, and developed a tickle in my throat that made me stay up all night coughing.

The first night in the hospital with Baby2, she and Husband slept while I stayed up all night coughing.  I also lost my voice for a few days.  Later I developed flu type symptoms with chills, body aches, fever, extremely sore throat, and coughing.  The coughing did exacerbate my healing from deliver, I think.  Every time I coughed it felt like I was pushing my insides out again, and had to sit down to hold myself together.

Husband had Monday off, and went back to work on Tuesday.  Honestly, the days passed in a blur.

Baby is so in love with her little sister.  She constantly wants to hug her and touch her and kiss her and be in whatever space she is in.  If we change her diaper, she pulls a chair up to the changing table so she can watch and talk to Baby2.  If I am nursing her, she sits on the chair next to me and wants to keep touching Baby2.  The hardest part has been telling Baby to back off.  She has gotten many time outs for touching Baby2 without asking, or not listening when Mommy or Daddy tell her to stop touching.

My dad was great, coming by and playing with Baby so I could rest, or taking her places.  I had another girlfriend take Baby for practically the whole day.  I probably should have rested, but instead started blogging again.

I know I'm not doing the greatest job at my first stint as stay at home mom to two, especially with Baby.  I need to give her a lot more attention and start planning activities for her, but lately I've just been way too sick and tired.  I stay up coughing all night, in between feeding Baby2, then just feel awful during the day.  Usually I get over things quickly, or don't get sick at all, so this is new to me.  I might have to schedule myself an appointment if things don't get better, though.  

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