Friday, April 26, 2013

The Double Stroller

I like to walk.  Quickly or leisurely, it doesn't really matter.  I have no problem walking for miles and miles (as long as it's mostly flat terrain).  When we were dating, Husband would come visit (we did a semi long distance thing when we were in college) and we would walk for miles along the beach.  Then we moved and I found different walking trails and neighborhoods to wander.

When Baby came about, we had ourselves a nice travel system stroller to stroll around the neighborhood with her.  Then I got me a jogging stroller so I could push her on more uneven terrain, and go a little quicker.  Then I gots me an umbrella stroller to push her through more crowded areas like the mall.

Now I have two children.  They don't both fit in the stroller at the same time.   Technically, they do, but I think I would be breaking some sort of law if I walked around with them both shoved in a single stroller. Thus, I started researching double strollers, and critiquing every double stroller I saw when we were out and about.  My main goal was to find a nice, compact double stroller that could function as my only stroller.  It needed to be able to carry my stuff (I'm a minimalist, so not a big deal there), be able to handle a variety of terrains and speed, and be small enough to walk through the mall without hitting too many people or knocking down too many displays.     

Apparently the only strollers that fit those requirements are a million dollars (or close to it, anyways).  Who knew strollers could be so expensive?  I could buy a used car for the cost of one of these things!  Or (practically) pay a mortgage payment.  Or buy Starbucks for a year.  Or redo the bathroom.  Or.... well, you get the idea.  They cost a lot of money.   

Well, I bought one. 

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  1. So which one did you buy? I bought the Britax B-Ready...



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