Sunday, March 31, 2013

The First Week

I have such a good baby.  Seriously.  She is so sweet.  And all she does is sleep all the time.  I know, newborns are supposed to sleep a lot.  But I don't think you ever met my first child, Baby.  Baby came out with her eyes open and never closed them.

Baby2 is much more laid back, adores her sleep, and I have to wake her up to feed her.  Then she will fall back asleep.  I'm slightly concerned, because she sleeps a TON, but I asked the Dr and he said newborns can sleep up to 21 hours a day.  I think Baby2 sleeps about 23, but I may be a little off.  It's a lot.

In terms of my recovery, it's been amazing.  I only need Ibuprofin for uterine contractions (which, ohmygoodness, hurt so much!).  But the good thing is that I can walk.  Hallelujah I can walk!  And sit.  That's important too.  With Baby (and yes, I will be comparing everything to how I was with Baby.  That's my point of reference), I literally could not walk for almost three weeks.  Husband would help carry me from room to room or to the bathroom.  And the bathroom was a nightmare.  Everything hurt.  I did the sitz baths multiple times a day, and when I sat, I used a second Boppy pillow because I couldn't bear to put any weight on myself.

Not this time.  I didn't need sitz baths, the numbing agents, or anything, really.  I can walk and move and sit and it's great!

We did some newborn pictures at this time and Baby2 was pretty cooperative.  She fell asleep and posed beautifully.  She let me put cute little hats on her head and headbands too.  I just love newborn baby pictures.

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