Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things I Had Forgotten about While Wearing a Child

I have a couple of baby carriers that allow me to wear Baby2 as an accessory.  It's great because she gets to be held and I can hold her while still being able to use my hands.

I've been wearing Baby2 quite frequently now (I find she has a better temperament when I've been wearing her for a while vs. putting her down all the time).  I am having flashbacks to wearing Baby a few years ago and realizing I had forgotten a few things about babywearing.

1.  I wish I had longer arms.  I have to remember not to bump Baby2 into things, like when I wash my hands in the sink or work at the kitchen counter.  Longer arms would help this, I think. 

2.  If I drop something, it stays dropped.  I apologize in advance all you store employees.  I do not do this intentionally.  It's really hard to bend down to pick something up.  If I do bend down, I'm in an awkward pose that just looks silly.  I am working on my ballet so I can plie and eleve, but my muscles aren't strong enough and I just end up falling.

3.  It never fails that I have to use the bathroom about five minutes after I put the baby on.  Then I attempt to hold it and end up with that have-to-use-the-bathroom feeling. 

4.  It's difficult to nurse in.  The carriers that I have either require too much adjusting in order to nurse, or I have to take it off altogether.  I'm debating buying a new carrier or just sucking it up.  These things are expensive and I'm not going to use them forever. 

5.  The baby gets covered in crumbs and drips as I attempt to eat over her head.  I can remedy this by covering her head with a napkin, but it's usually blown away or knocked away because the baby just doesn't sit still (imagine that, the baby actually moves!).

That's all I can think of right now.  Anything else I'm forgetting?     

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