Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quiet Time Procrastination

Baby has an aversion to the word "nap," so we call nap time quiet time instead.  She is required to stay in her bed for at least an hour.  We let her take a baby doll or a few books or other quiet toy into bed with her to play with.  She is not allowed to get out of bed, even when she wakes up.  I don't want her wandering around without me knowing.  Usually she falls asleep and ends up taking a much needed nap, then will yell for me to come get her.

We don't let her out of bed until we say she can, except for one major reason.  That would be to use the bathroom.  Today, Baby has discovered her best procrastination tool yet.

Guess how many times Baby has used the bathroom in the past forty-five minutes.  And she is really going, too.  She will yell out and tell me she has to go potty, to which I respond, "Ok, you can go."  Then she dawdles into the bathroom, does her business, reports to me that she is flushing the potty, then tells me she is washing her hands.  After meticulously drying her hands, she will meander back to her bed.

She's done this six times already.

I don't want to tell her no, she can't go, because I'm pretty sure she will just go in her bed.  She's actually using the toilet each time she goes.  I don't think we're having any medical issues here because when she asks, she does it with a smug grin, knowing I won't turn her down and it's a way to get out of quiet time.

I was thinking of just putting a pull up on her and telling her to go in that instead, but then she'll just want to use one every day and will probably regress in her potty training.  She's lazy like that.

Currently I'm trying the no talking method.  If she asks, I say yes, then stare at her silently while she does her routine and goes back to bed.  Hopefully making things less exciting.

I hope she forgets her new procrastination tool tomorrow.  If not, I'll probably be Googling some new ideas.       

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