Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Thoughts of a Tired Mom

Baby had a bit of a colicky phase.  You know, where babies will cry for hours on end with absolutely no reason.  They've been fed, changed, held, rocked, picked up, put down, burped, dressed and undressed, looked over for hidden bug bites, and you can't figure out how to make them stop crying.  We really liked "The Happiest Baby on the Block" for helping us discover a few tips to comfort crying babies.  Dr. Karp had a five S system, where you shush and swing and swaddle and put them on their side and let them suck on something.  It wasn't foolproof (for us), but it did help.  I was hoping Baby2 would be different.

In her third week, Baby2 started crying.  Yes, she already knew how to cry.  I mean, crying where we couldn't comfort her and was starting to make me think she was going to be colicky as well. 

Here's a few thoughts that ran through my head as I shushed and swung my swaddled baby as I held her on her side and tried to make her suck on a pacifier:

Maybe it's a false alarm.  If I ignore her crying, maybe she will stop. 

Is this really happening again?

Did I remember to use the bathroom?  

What if I have to put the baby down?

I can really start to lose the baby weight with all this swaying and walking and jiggling. 

Ok, my arms are tired now.  

How long has this been going on?  What, we're only in the first hour!?

Oh no, she dropped the pacifier.  Where did it go!?

Look Baby2, look at the lights.  Aren't they pretty?

I suppose I can practice my singing.  Maybe I can drown her out.  Or she can join in. 

I'm losing my voice trying to drown you out, kid.  

I'm out of songs to sing.  The radio in my head has played all the latest hits. 

Maybe this is all my fault.  What did I eat earlier today that may have upset your tummy? Must have been that banana I ate.  

I'm never eating a banana again. 

What's that noise?  Oh, it's quiet.  You stopped!  



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