Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Poop

Once you're a mom, baby poop becomes one of the things you obsess over.  At the hospital the nurses make sure your baby is pooping, and specifically pooping out the correct stuff.  The initial poop is a tarry stuff that all newborns first get out of their system.  I can proudly say I've never actually changed one of those diapers.  I had just given birth to a baby, so Husband had graciously changed all those newborn diapers (I know, awwww.  I've got such a great guy!  Don't get too mushy, though.  I've changed a lot of diapers since!). 

Baby2 has gotten on a pretty good rhythm over the past few weeks.  She doesn't poop at night (I have no idea why.  I mean, she's still waking me up to eat), so it's nice not to change those when half asleep.  Instead, she'll save it all up for a few times a day when it just explodes everywhere.  Usually around ten in the morning, then sometime in the afternoon as well.  She'll go a few more times in between, but not as explosive.

Breastfed baby poop comes in a variety of colors.  Usually a yellow or green color with some curds mixed in.  I know, lovely.

Well, I started noticing something different in Baby2's diapers.  She had some red spots in there as well.

The fist time it happened I thought it might just be a fluke.  But then it happened again.  And again.  And she started to have a little more.


Of course I consulted Dr. Google, who said it was some type of food allergy.  I also emailed a friend of mine whose son had multiple food allergies.  I asked her how she had known, what were the signs, etc.  Then I emailed Baby2s doctor (yeah, I probably should have contacted the doctor first, but I usually get the same information they give me anyway).  The doctor got back to me and said it was some type of food intolerance (see, told ya).  The most common is dairy, so I cut out dairy.   

Well, mostly.  I stopped drinking milk (I usually drink a couple of glasses a day-I love milk!), and stopped eating cheese.  And yogurt.  And ice cream (boy do I miss ice cream!).  Baby2s poop seemed to go back to normal. 

Then I stupidly got a jamba juice.  And forgot to get one with no milk.  Baby2 had more blood in her poop, poor thing (and I felt really, really dumb.  Old habits die hard, I guess). 

Anyway, I guess Baby2 reacts to the dairy in my breastmilk, so I just have to avoid it for a while and hopefully be able to reintroduce it later. 

In the meantime I'm replacing butter with coconut oil and searching high and low and for some non-dairy cream. 

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