Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ENT Appointment

Husband took the day off so we could all go to Baby2's Ear, Nose, and Throat appointment.  I was glad he was able to because we were both a bit nervous about the diagnosis.  Plus, I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure I could handle both kids on my own. 

After the two day appointment, I had (of course) consulted Dr. Google about the hole in my child's neck.  From what I could find, it was called a brachial cleft cyst and needed surgery to repair it. 

The ENT appointment confirmed what Dr. Google said.  The appointment was a very positive one.  I really liked the ENT doctor.  He was a little older and very confident, but also very nice.  He didn't do any tests to Baby2 (Google had said an MRI or CAT scan might be used in order to determine the severity of the brachial cleft cyst).  The doctor just checked out her throat and told us that's what it was.  He said it wasn't anyone's fault, it's just something that happens in the womb sometimes.  He said that if you have to choose for something to be wrong with your baby, this would be a good choice. 

Since it's not infected (and we're going to pray it never gets infected), he suggests waiting until she is about two years old to undergo surgery to remove it. 

He described it as being a type of tube that runs from the hole in her neck to somewhere inside of her head.  It could go all the way through to her throat, or it could stop somewhere along the way.  He said that once they do surgery they will just follow it as far back as it goes to remove it.  It could be short, or it could be long.  The brachial cleft cyst won't really affect her too much as she grows.  It might drain fluid, but as long as it doesn't get infected, she's fine. 

The funny thing is, Husband had the exact same thing when he was a baby, although his was on the other side of his neck.  He has a tiny scar from his surgery.  His mother doesn't remember exactly when his surgery was, but estimates he was a few months old. 

I asked the doctor if this was something common, and he said no, it's not.  He has seen a few in his time, though.  It's just a total coincidence that Baby2 has the same thing Husband had, if it's supposedly not a genetic issue. 

Now we will just be paranoid to keep her very clean to reduce the risk of infection. 

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