Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lost at the Mall

I'll preface this post by saying that I have absolutely no sense of direction.  The saying that one can't find their way out of a paper bag was coined just for me.  Seriously.  Here's my latest mall story.  

We took Baby and Baby2 to the mall the other day.  I thought it would be nice to get out of the house, walk around, and try to find some new nursing shirts (I totally did, and I spent waaaaayyyy too much money.  I keep kicking myself for spending so much.  Oh well, my summer wardrobe is ready.  It was just so expensive, though). 

Husband wore Baby2 and we put Baby in her stroller (we don't have a double stroller yet- that's another post).  All was going great.  Baby2 was snoring away and Baby was enjoying being pushed around and people watching.  Then Baby2 got hungry.

No problem.  I'd nursed in public all the time with Baby.  I thought I would just go sit in the kid's play area that we passed earlier.  They had comfy bench seats. 

Husband took Baby2 out of the carrier, handed her and her blanket to me, and we agreed we'd meet up in just a few.  He made sure to tell me to turn right out of the store, then turn right again to get to the play area.  Well, I did.

Or at least I thought I did. 

I didn't see any kids play area, so I kept walking.  I knew there was a family area in the food court section.  We had eaten there earlier so I thought I could just head back that way.

Well, I couldn't find it.

Now I was starting to get panicky and I was all turned around.  I'm walking through the mall, holding a hungry baby and her blanket in my arms.  She's starting to get heavy and I can feel everyone looking at me like I'm a crazy person. 

Then I see JCPenney.  Surely they have a sitting area in their bathroom.

I enter. 

I can't see any signs for a bathroom.  I take the escalator to the next floor. 

Still no bathroom. 

I exit back into the mall area and start looking for a bench or place to sit to feed my hungry infant. The only chairs I see are the massage chairs that you pay a quarter or a dollar or whatever the amount is to get a massage.  Those were occupied. 

I keep walking.  At the end of the mall I see Nordstrom's.  I know they have a nice sitting area in their women's bathroom. 

I find it and collapse on the couch (pretty upset because I am so annoyed at myself for getting lost in the mall, for heaven's sake!) to feed my crying baby.   Who decides to poop (and Husband has the diaper bag on the opposite side of the mall).

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