Friday, March 29, 2013

I think I'd like a water birth, please

I had heard about water births before I had Baby.  However, it wasn't an option with her, even though the midwife who delivered her said I would be an excellent candidate.  I decided this time around I would like to try it.

Well, the current office that was handling all my prenatal visits required that I go to another city's hospital to deliver.  There wasn't a hospital in our insurance in our town.  However, the required hospital was not in a nice town and I didn't really want to go there.  Plus, I don't think they had birthing tubs.  It didn't really matter to me, though, since I had already made up my mind where I was going.  I was going to show up at the birthing center about twenty minutes away where I knew they had birthing tubs.

Since the baby hadn't come yet, I thought maybe it would be prudent of me to actually do some research about the facility I wanted to use.  I made some phone calls, and in order to have a water birth there, I had to be seen by one of their doctors, at their facility.  I also pre-registered online so I wouldn't have to fill out paperwork when I arrived, in the middle of contractions.  The earliest appointment that one of their doctors could see me was Friday, March 1.

March 1 came and Husband took the day off of work so he could hang out with me.  It was also Baby's last scheduled day at daycare, so Husband and I had some time to ourselves.

I went to the appointment and come to find out that in order to have a water birth there you have to be tested for Hepatitis C.  Something about it being able to be passed through water and you have to test negative for it.  This test is not commonly ordered for all pregnant women, only if you want a water birth.  Thus, he ordered me the lab test that day.

I went down to the lab, had my blood drawn, and asked how long it took to the get the lab results.  The lab tech estimated about three days.  Eek.  Now this baby had to stay in me for three more days in order for me to have a water birth.  I should have researched this earlier.  My procrastinating self was kicking herself.

More waiting.   

I went to the lab

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