Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Day Checkup

When asked which pediatrician we wanted, I made sure to specify:  any doctor except the one Baby has (our views on parenting are not in sync, and I really need to switch.  However, she's the only one who's ever available on short notice).

We scheduled the appointment with Dr. T (who I had heard good things about) and took Baby2 in.  He was amazing.  So nice and calm and funny.  All four of use were there:  Husband, me, Baby, and Baby2.  Husband entertained Baby with the books that were in the office and I handled all of Baby2's needs.

Baby2 weighed in at seven pounds, thirteen ounces, which was normal.  She has been eating fine and producing lots of dirty diapers for us.  She has also been sleeping a ton.  It's weird.  She actually sleeps.  Like, all the time. 

Dr. T checked her out and said pretty much everything looked fine.  He was slightly concerned about her flexibility in her legs.  She doesn't stretch them out, even when prompted.  She always has them curled up into her.  I think it was because she was so squished inside of me and hasn't had a chance to loosen up yet.  Just my nonmedical mommy opinion.

He also noted Baby2 looked a little yellow and ordered a lab test to check her for jaundice. They had checked her at the birthing center, and all had looked fine.  Baby had a lot of jaundice issues, and I was hoping this time would be different.  

The Dr also asked me if I had any concerns.  Earlier I had noticed an indentation on her neck, which looked weird.  It was hidden under the folds of her neck, so Dr. checked it out.

He told us it was another hole, that would need follow up with an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor.  He put in a referral for us.  He said sometimes they are attached to something deep, sometimes not, so it's important to get it checked out and go from there.  She would most likely need a procedure to close it.  I asked if it would close on its own and he said no.  It's like an extra orifice, like a nostril.  It's not a wound.  We would also have to be extra careful with her because she has a higher risk of getting an infection there, so we need to make sure to keep it clean.

Overall, not the greatest appointment, but nothing extremely major.   

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