Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pregnancy Number Two, December 2012

Had my glucose test (I passed!  Although I really don't know how.  I was eating sugar with this baby like no tomorrow).

Also had my iron checked.  Borderline low, so the OB told me to eat more red meat.  Hooray for not having to take extra iron pills.  I'll just make sure I eat more iron rich foods. 

Got the infamous RhoGam shot so my body doesn't decide to fight this baby.  I think I reacted a tad to getting the shot because I felt sick for a day or two after.

We had Christmas at our house.  A few in laws came and stayed with us, which was fun.  Baby has a blast getting presents.  I think she's a bit spoiled in that aspect.

Insomnia has hit.  It's weird.  I have never ever ever had a problem with sleeping.  It's the weirdest thing just lying there in bed, not being able to fall asleep, not even being tired.  Maybe my body is preparing me for when the baby comes and I have to wake up multiple times to feed her.

I also have yucky acid indigestion with this one.  I didn't have that before.  It will rise into my throat, and up to my ears, making my ears burn.  Not fun.

My belly is definitely growing larger, that's for sure.  I've been trying to figure out how I survived my first pregnancy with as few maternity clothes as I have.  I have been blessed by a friend who has loaned me quite a few clothes.  I still refuse to go out and buy things that I won't use for that long.  Although I did find a great deal on a pair of maternity skinny jeans.  I needed something to wear with my cute boots!      

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