Monday, March 18, 2013

Pregnancy Number Two, October 2012

Headaches and nausea are no fun. 

Husband has been wonderful.  He has taken over cooking (well, for himself and Baby.  I can't stomach anything).  He's been great with taking care of Baby in the evenings as well.  If it's my turn, I end up lying on a towel on the floor next to the bath while Baby splashes away. 

Baby likes to tell me how big my tummy is and wants to pull up my shirt to touch it all the time. 

For Halloween, I was a black cat with a fishbowl belly.  Baby chose to dress up like Cinderella (again), and had a blast walking around the neighborhood and getting candy.  The cutest part of the night was when she forgot what to say and said, "Trick or... Happy Candy!"  She was all about filling her bucket with candy.  We had more than one candy bucket, and Baby discovered that she could get more candy if she emptied her bucket into ours after each house and went up to the next house with an empty bucket.  Ha.   

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