Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pregnancy Number Two, November 2012

Remember how I was supposed to receive a phone call about scheduling the level two ultrasound within a week of our possible life-shattering news about our baby? 

Yeah, that didn't happen.

A week went by without a phone call, so I called the OB to see what was going on.  Of course she was on vacation.  Someone else pulled up my file and said there was no record of a referral.  I would have to wait for the OB to come back. 

I called back the next week and spoke with the OB.  Of course she had put in the referral, I should hear back within a week. 

A week went by.  No phone call.  I called the actual company they were referring me to.  They didn't have any referrals pending. 

I called the OB again.  She put in another referral.

Can I tell you how frustrating this was?  This was for potential news about our unborn child, how our lives would completely change based on what this next ultrasound would find.  And they couldn't even get me scheduled for it.

Eventually I did receive a phone call.  We were scheduled for November 27, 2012.   

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