Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pregnancy Number Two, August 2012

Sick, sick, sick. 

Although I only threw up once in the morning.  This one is different.  I wake up nauseated, it builds and builds and builds, and come dinner time everything comes back up. 

Got those psi band bracelets to try to help.  Also Preggie Pops, B-Natal lollipops (those worked for about ten minutes), and tons of ginger ale.  Taking Epsom Salt baths has been helping a tiny bit. 

A few of my August Facebook Posts: 
"Last night I dreamed that I was seasick on a rocking boat in the middle of the ocean. My subconscious seems to be good at analogies. Let's see what tonight brings.."
"Can someone please let me off the spinning teacup ride?"
"And the carousel goes around and around and around and around..."
"If the boat is a rockin....Beth is heaving over the side. Sigh."
"Figuratively stuck on a roller coaster with never ending loops and loops and loops and loops..."
"Dear baby in my tummy,
Thanks for making life interesting. Without you, I would have never thrown up all my dinner into the toilet, only to have the toilet start to overflow while I freak out. One can only imagine what adventures we will have once you breathe air.
"Dear dinner,
I would really like to get to know you a little better. You come in, then go right back out the same way. Perhaps we can work on this.
"First official day of school done. How fun to be back at work! Staved off morning sickness til this evening. Goodbye healthy snack. At least I didn't throw up in front of the children."
"Had a great day at the beach! Only threw up once on the car ride home..."
"Twelve weeks today. I've been throwing up practically every day for the past six weeks. That's more than forty days. I know how the animals felt on Noah's ark. I'm ready for dry land."
"So sick of being sick and throwing up. Too tired to come up with an analogy. Anyone else want to have a go?"
"Dear dinner,
I miss you. I look forward to reconciling.
"I have a baby in my tummy. And it's already a picky eater."

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