Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pregnancy Number Two, February 2013

Eeek, due in a month!  How did this happen? 

I was not looking forward to leaving my classes.  As I've said before, I had great classes this year and really bonded with these students. 

I decided my last day would be February 22.  That gave me ten days until my due date (March 4).  Baby came a week early, so if this one was anything like the first, then hopefully my timing was correct. 

Insomnia was still in full swing, along with indigestion.  I also couldn't breathe at night because I was so congested.  My new nighttime routine consisted of giving Baby her bath, then taking one of my own.  My tummy was growing huge and not comfortable. 

I was so uncomfortable, in fact, that I started sleeping in Baby's bed (she has our old queen bed) just so I could get some sleep. 

Baby turned Three!!  I planned a fun birthday party for her at the gymnastics center again.  We had a great turnout and my sister arranged to have some of her friends who run a Princess Party business stop by.  Baby had the best time following real life Belle and Ariel around. 

Everything is ready for the new baby.  Her room is ready, all clothes and items are sorted and washed (the great thing about having another girl is that I already have everything), carseat is installed, hospital bag is packed, diapers are ready to go.  I got a pedicure so that I can have pretty toes when I'm in the delivery room. 

My last day of work was pretty sad.  The kids were so sweet.  I let them throw me a party in a couple of the class periods.  A group of them made me a sweet poster with their pictures.  I got a ton of chocolate (they know that's one of my major food groups), and a few cards.  The past few weeks I had been having a group of students stay after school to help me load all my teaching supplies into my car.  No way was I leaving anything of mine in a classroom with a sub, and one that I was potentially not returning to for a year and a half.  Right now there are piles of books and supplies hanging out in the garage that I need to go through and store. 

Now to have a baby. 

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