Friday, November 12, 2010


Halloween was a blast! I had such a good time I can't wait to do it again next year.

I was afraid Baby wouldn't like wearing her costume, but she didn't mind at all. It was a giant footsie thing with a giraffe head on the hoodie. She's really good about wearing headbands and hats, so she didn't try to pull the hoodie off her head like I thought she might. I let her crawl around in it and took a few pictures. Then the doorbell started ringing.

We answered the door and passed out candy to the kids. There was a lady pushing her own daughter (dressed as a ladybug) in a stroller and collecting candy. I think that was what helped me decide to take Baby out trick or treating. Originally we had planned to just sit outside, pass out candy, and hang out with the neighbors a bit. Once I saw the other mommy with just her ladybug daughter, I figured I wouldn't be the only weird one in the neighborhood.

Husband dressed up as Clark Kent/Superman (He had a white button up shirt over the a Superman logo T-shirt), and I threw on a headband with cat ears. We opted out of putting baby in her stroller and just took turns carrying her around instead. Husband said he felt weird knocking on people's doors and saying "trick or treat" for her, so I took her up to most of the doors. I tried to time it so that I went up to the door right when another group of kids was going to knock. That way the person answering might associate me with the random group, instead of some crazy parent. I told Husband my trick, but he didn't buy it.

At first Baby was a little confused about what was going on. She just kept looking around at everything. We took her past all the decorations and things on people's lawns that are supposed to scare a person, but she just stared at them trying to figure them out. I guess she's not at the scaring age yet, whatever that may be.

About halfway through (we only walked around the block), she realized that people were paying her lots of attention and she started smiling at people when they answered the door. That was the fun part; hearing them exclaim over how cute she was. Although I realize now that I should have put a pink bow on the giraffe ear of her costume so that people would know that it was a girl. Next time I'll make sure we are more gender specific.

During our walk, Husband felt inspired to do better on our decorations next year (Seriously, we went to Target afterward and bought a few of their Halloween items on sale). Plus, we ended up with loads of candy! We didn't really pass ours out because we were out walking the neighborhood, so we have that. Also, we got a bunch more from Baby's trick or treating skills. I'm not looking forward to when we don't get to eat her candy anymore.

Now to figure out what we will be next year.

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