Monday, November 22, 2010


I think toys were invented for parents.

We have a basket of toys we keep in the living room for Baby to play with. This basket contains every toy that she owns (I'm a minimalist and don't believe in having toys all over the place). For fun, I'll name what I remember off the top of my head: a plastic set of keys, a blue rattle from Target that is supposed to help babies grasp better, another set of keys that are textured for teething, a pig wrist rattle, a doll that says "Baby's first doll," a glowworm that plays lullabies, a multicolored triangular contraption from Costco that has items to flip, slide, shake, and twirl, a singing/talking dog from Babies R Us, a teddy bear, one of those ring stacker thingies, and a stuffed Piglet.

We've also added a few items into her toy basket that are not your typical toys. We have a container that was used for wipes. We have the hard, plastic wrapping from pacifiers she never used. I think a spoon is in there. There is a container from Gerber Puffs that had been emptied. A booger-sucker we never used because we stole one from the hospital and use that one instead. That's just to name a few random items.

Next to her toys, she has a selection of board books, including touch and feel books and a scratch and sniff book that is her current favorite (Target dollar aisle is AMAZING! Husband spent ten bucks on books for her last week). To me, books don't count as toys, though.

Guess what Baby pulls out when she goes to her toys? Yup, plastic wrappers, Puff container, and booger sucker.


  1. Ha! I've had the same experience. My kids have oodles of toys (boo hiss MIL and FIL!) but they prefer my measuring cups, boxes, and a colander.

    I'd have to disagree that toys are for this parent--I HATE cleaning and organizing toys. Ug.

    Thanks for following Where is the ME in Mommy?. I'm following you back!

  2. Hi Reagan,
    Thanks for following! I know what you mean about the cleaning part- I totally didn't think of that! My Husband just has too much fun playing with them and can't wait for Baby to get bigger so she can get more toys for him to play with!


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