Tuesday, November 16, 2010


No, Baby isn't walking yet. But I wish she was.

She just has absolutely no desire to stand up on her two feet and take those first few steps. I even try to hold her hands and guide her, but she just whines and plops herself down where she can crawl to her hearts content.

I can't say that I blame her. Why walk when she can already do everything she wants? If she wants to go get a toy, she can crawl. If she wants something off of the coffee table or couch, she can pull herself up and grab it. If she wants something at one end of the couch and she is at the other, she can cruise her way on down. If she wants to get Mommy or Daddy to pick her up, she can crawl to them and use their pantlegs to pull herself up and get their attention. Simply no need to learn how to walk when she can do everything already.

People have told me to watch out when she learns how to walk. I say, "for what?" I mean really. She is already pretty quick when she crawls (ask the cat, who she now tortures on a daily basis. Really, he just needs to run away when he sees her coming.), and I won't have to move anything to higher ground because it is already up. She can reach it by pulling herself up. I don't think walking will change that.

However, walking would entail buying shoes. Baby doesn't really have any of those. Why would she? I mean, she can't walk yet.

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