Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cat Food and Pumpkin Seeds

Baby is very inquisitive and will find things I didn't know were on the ground. Usually Husband and I are very good about cleaning the floors to make sure Baby doesn't get something she is not supposed to.

Recently Baby discovered the cat food dishes. We have an area in the kitchen where the cats have their food and water. Baby discovered it and we have been deterring her ever since. She knows exactly where their food is kept and she heads there the minute she thinks we don't notice (she's sneaky).

We've taken to moving the cat food and water dishes up on the counter so she can't get them. It's easier than chasing after her twenty times a day (we have to remember to put them back down so the cats can eat. I may have forgotten a time or two, but they are sure to remind me in the middle of the night when they meow at the door.)

The other day I was changing Baby and realized she had gotten a small piece of cat food and a pumpkin seed (must have fallen onto the floor and hidden itself when I carved pumpkins). Apparently Baby decided to eat them and they both went right through her.

Needless to say, I'm being a little more diligent about checking the floor now.

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