Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Baby had a pretty good head of hair when she was born. It wasn't extreme, like some babies I have seen, but she had a fair amount.

Then slowly it started falling out and growing in thicker and lighter. Lately I can tell that it has been getting longer. As can my daycare lady, M.

The other day M sent me a text picture of Baby hanging out at daycare (I love when she texts me throughout the day how Baby is doing. I am constantly checking my phone at work). In the picture, Baby had her hair up in a ponytail at the top of her head. It looked adorable.

I had mixed emotions. As her mommy, I feel like I missed out on giving her her first ponytail. M had asked me if it was okay, and I said sure, she could do her hair, but I still felt like I missed something. Even if it only involved putting a rubber band in her hair. I know I've done the headbands galore, but it's not quite the same. I feel like it's something a mommy and daughter would do. I have memories of my sister and mother and I playing with each other's hair that I look back on with fondness. I want that with Baby and me.

I tried to recreate the ponytail with Baby at home, and it was really frustrating. She wouldn't sit still and I had a hard time getting her baby fine hair to cooperate. Husband was watching me almost have a meltdown. If M can do it, I can most certainly do it. Luckily I was determined and made it work.

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