Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Halloween Dilemmas

Baby's first Halloween is coming up and I am trying to figure out what to do. I always loved dressing up and going trick or treating. It was such a blast to get all dolled up (my repertoire of past costumes include a cat, a punk rocker, a flapper, a southern get the idea) and go gallivanting around the neighborhoods (only the nice ones where you could get mini chocolate bars instead of the cheap sugary stuff). I want Baby to have happy Halloween memories as well.

My first problem is what to actually do. I can dress her up, but then what? She can't walk up to people's houses and say, "Trick or Treat." Husband and I could push her up to houses in her stroller, or hold her up and say Trick or Treat for her. That just seems a little weird to me. The people handing out the candy will know that it is not for her, and then they might be stingy with it, and I want the good chocolate stuff if I'm going out there.

Another option is to sit outside on our front porch and hand out candy to the neighborhood. Baby can still see all the costumes and people will be able to see how adorable she is. I think we are leaning more towards this idea, or a combination of both of the above.

This brings us to the next issue of a costume. What should Baby be? Husband and I have been going back and forth with ideas. It would be great to have something original. Husband suggested dressing her up as Yoda from Star Wars and carrying her around on his back. I'm sure we would have no confusion as to whether or not she is a boy or girl then (that was sarcasm-the confusion thing is STILL happening, and it drives me crazy! I mean, I put her in all pink, with headbands for a reason, people). Anyway, Husband's idea is very original, but I'm not sure how to do a Yoda thing and don't have the time, effort, or desire to really go all out there.

I had heard about cheap costumes at the dollar store, so I went and checked those out. I found a cute little cat headband and tail and decided I could dress Baby up as a kitten and draw some eyeliner whiskers on her. Then we went to Babies R'Us today.

On the clearance rack was a cute little giraffe outfit. All cute and snug and comfy. One piece with footies and a hat where the stuffed head of the giraffe sits. Since it was on sale and we had a gift card, Husband and I caved and decided to go with it. She will definitely be adorable, it will be very easy to do (no holding her down while I try to draw straight whiskers on her chubby little cheeks), and she will stay warm. Granted, I'm sure we will see twenty other babies in the same exact outfit, but so be it, she will for sure be the cutest (and hopefully get mommy lots of little chocolate candies).

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  1. If you go trick or treating part of the time, you could always go trick or treating with a group of friends with older kids so that it does not feel as weird. Having been in that spot myself I can say that most houses fully understand that parents want to give their child the "experience" of trick or treating on their first Halloween and don't seem to mind at all. In fact, most of the houses seemed to really enjoy and get a kick out of seeing the tiny ones in their costumes!


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