Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nursery

Husband and I are frequent churchgoers. We go to a small church in a nearby town where we feel very loved and welcome. Recently, I told Husband I did not want to go anymore.

For the first few months of Baby's life, she stayed in the church service with us. She would nurse, sleep, hang out, whatever. It was nice.

Now that she has gotten older, she tends to be a little distracting to the people around her (read that as, she giggles, laughs, talks, lets out high pitched squeals, you get the idea). Thus, the church has a nursery where the babies can go.

I don't have issues with the nursery or church. My issue is that I don't get to see my Baby as often as I like. I work full time, and only see her in the morning when we get ready and after I pick her up from daycare hours later. Then we go home, play and make dinner, eat, bath, and bed. Repeat the next day. Why do I want to add in another day (I know it's only about an hour), where I give my baby to someone else to take care of?

Time with Baby is precious, and I want to be selfish.

Is that so bad?


  1. LOVE IT! We don't use the church nursery because we think it teacher our daughter that church is playtime; we'd rather her sit with us and learn (slowly and not-so-surely) to be quiet and respectful during services. God said to be fruitful and multiply; He also said "bless the little children." He did not say, "send them to the nursery." If you were at my church, I'd invite you to sit next to me!


  2. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the comment! What a neat concept- I never thought of that. I need to tell that to my husband! And I would totally sit next to you! : )

  3. I totally agree with Elizabeth! If I were still there we could sit together. I miss you!!


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