Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nine Month Checkup

I cannot believe Baby just turned nine months old. That's only three months away from being a year! Time is just flying by.

Baby had her nine month checkup a few days ago and it went really well. I was hoping Baby would be walking by the time we had her appointment so I could go in there and impress the nurses and doctor with how advanced my child is, but she didn't want to cooperate. She'll walk when she's ready, not when I am.

It felt weird walking into the hospital because I haven't been there in so long. When I was pregnant and when Baby was first born it felt like I practically lived there. Husband was the one who took her to her last appointment, so it's been about five months for me (I think). I liked looking at all the other little babies who were there. There was a lady with her daughter there for her four month checkup (I know because I was eavesdropping when she checked in). It was hard to remember Baby being that young.

We were called back and Baby's temperature was taken, then she had to get naked to be weighed. I think she was a little freaked out by the office and another person checking her out. Usually when we go new places I just hold her and let her get used to it on her own; however, we didn't have time for that.

I stripped her down and stuck her on the scale. She weighs 16.58 pounds. She's in the tenth percentile for her weight. The doctor noted that I do not have an obese baby. That's for sure. She's quite active and isn't very interested in food, so she hasn't been packing on the pounds. I'm okay with that if there are no problems.

Baby is 27 inches long (I forget what percentile she was in for that one, but it wasn't too far off the curve since her last appointment), and her head circumference went up a little in the percentile chart. The doctor checked her out very quickly and quizzed me about her sleeping habits (she goes to bed around 7:30 or eight, and we wake her up around six- I may have forgotten to mention the numerous times she wakes up in the night, but I didn't really want to hear about sleep training and all that. Besides, she just wakes up to nurse real quick, then goes right back to sleep. In my head,it's not really waking up like she does when she wants to play).

We also learned that Baby can now eat whatever we are eating (as long as it is mashed up), with the exception of peanut products and shellfish. I was glad that the doctor mentioned that because I still have no idea how this whole solid food thing is supposed to be working. I've been feeding Baby the little baby food jars, but she's not all that interested. She LOVES the Gerber Puffs things, though!

Overall Baby was announced to be in perfect health, which was okay with me. As a parting gift, they gave her a little board book showing all kinds of shapes. How nice is that?

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