Monday, November 29, 2010

Board Books

I love shopping at Target. I know many of you share my obsession. Lately the dollar aisle has been my best friend. They have the greatest board books! Husband bought ten or so not too long ago, and we went again the other day and they had more. They keep changing every time we go.

I'm not saying the books there are fabulous; in fact they are downright ridiculous. They are very short, barely have any type of plot, and make me roll my eyes whenever I read them to Baby.

There is a series about baby animals and we have the one about the baby giraffe and the baby elephant. The baby giraffe likes to use her long neck to help her friends and the baby elephant likes to twist her trunk around. The fun part about these books is the way they are made. The baby series has a handle for Baby to put her hand into so she can carry it around.

We also have a few of the Christmas books where each page is a different shape, usually the outlines of the characters in it. Baby has an easy time turning the pages in these because she can grasp them better.

Then we get to the books with the soft spot. There is one fuzzy spot and each page features some type of animal that you can touch. Baby likes to feel it and sometimes tries to eat it.

Baby's favorite book is her scratch and sniff. She now thinks every book is a scratch and sniff and tries to smell them all. She can scratch the scent spot and puts it up to her nose to sniff. It's adorable.

The last time Husband and I went to Target we found a cute board book about bedtime. It was one we hadn't seen before, so we threw it in the cart (we were frugal this time and passed up a few others we could have grabbed). Then we continued our Target shopping.

When we loaded everything into the car we realized that the board book had been hidden in the cart and we had forgotten to pay for it. The alarm hadn't gone off when we left (granted, the book was only a dollar), and we really didn't mean to take off with it. Baby was already strapped in and getting cranky and we didn't want to go back in. I guess we could have brought in back in, said we forgot to pay for it, and then paid for it. But would they have accused us of shoplifting, then put us on a list where we wouldn't be allowed to shop in Target anymore? We couldn't risk that.

Instead, we gave some money to the homeless person on the way out. That should make us even, right?

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