Saturday, October 1, 2011

Take My Hand

Baby is growing up, but she still needs her mommy.  All. The. Time.  I'm flattered and it's very sweet, but sometimes Mommy just wants to to sit down. 

Baby does not sit still.  Really.  Not unless we are with strangers and she wants to make Mommy jealous by climbing into their laps.  (Seriously, she likes to sit on the laps of other moms during play dates and baby classes).

Her new thing is taking me by the hand and leading me places.  She will take me with her and go from room to room throughout the house.  We will run up and down the hallway, hand in hand.

We will pet Tiger, holding hands.

She will try to use Mommy's hand as if I'm a marionette and bid me to pick up her toys for her, or feed her, or open the refrigerator to get some food.

Even though I complain (in jest), I love it.  It's the sweetest thing to have your child hold her hand out to you, say "Mommy" in her sweet little voice and look at you with imploring eyes.  One cannot resist, and I take her hand. 

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