Thursday, October 13, 2011

What would you do for an M&M?

Baby would tinkle in the potty.  That's right.  For an M&M, Baby will use the little child's potty chair. 

Here's how the story begins. 

M (daycare) and I have been talking for months now about Baby and potty training.  I have a potty chair at home in our bathroom, and M pulled hers out too.  We both attempted working with Baby to get her to go in the potty, but she just liked to use it as a chair and protested heavily whenever we tried to get her naked to actually do something in it. 

Today M said Baby started saying "ew" over and over.  M investigated and discovered that Baby had done number two in her diaper.  M told her it wouldn't be "ew" if she went in the potty, and asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty chair.  Baby agreed (she responds with "yeah!" or "yep" depending on her mood.  Today was "yeah!")  so M led her to the potty chair, stripped her bottom half, and sat her down.  They read a book together and sent me a picture of Baby "trying." 

I showed up to pick up Baby and they told me I had just missed all the excitement.  Apparently M had told Baby that if she went pee in the potty chair she could have an M&M.  Baby really liked this prospect so she grunted a few times and out came a few drops.  She had to show me when I arrived and honestly  it was about the size of a quarter.  However, Baby did indeed earn her mini M&M.  M and I sang Baby's praises and told her what a good job she had done.   

Now I know the secret to getting Baby to go in the potty.   My  next dilemma; where can I find super tiny potty training pants?  My child is super skinny.  Seriously, just the other day she was comfortably wearing shorts size three to six months. 

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  1. she takes after her skinny legs mama, lol. maybe she'll be a model!


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