Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Want That

Recently we went on a quick trip to Disneyland.  It was a lot of fun and Baby had a great time going on the rides.  She loved "It's a Small World" and "The Little Mermaid."  We went on the "The Little Mermaid" three times!  It was a really good ride and now I need to track down the movie so I can watch it and sing along.  If you go on the ride, you'll be inspired too, I promise. 

We saw lots of little girls dressed up in princess dresses prancing around with their hair and makeup done.  Apparently Disney does this thing now where little girls can be transformed into a princess (for a price, of course).  I got a glimpse of the prices and the cheapest one was way too expensive for this cheapskate.

However, we did find the store where the princessifying happens.  It had walls of dresses, tiaras, gloves, glitter, hair extensions; everything needed to become a princess.  It also had stuffed Minnie dolls dressed in pink princess attire. 

We walked around the store and Baby pointed to the Minnie dolls.  She ignored everything else in the store and let me know that she wanted the Minnie doll.  She pointed, I carried her in the direction she was pointing, and moved in.  She snatched up the Minnie doll so fast and hugged her to her chest.  Then she said, "Mommy," and did the baby sign for outside.  She had clearly made  up her mind that we were going to take Minnie. 

I was so impressed at how decisive she was that I had a conversation with Husband and we decided that we could get it for her.  It wasn't very expensive and we hadn't gotten anything for her anyway. 

We brought her up to the register, but Baby started to scream when we tried to take Minnie from her to scan her.  Husband grabbed another one and explained to the clerk we wanted to pay but Baby wouldn't give hers  up. 

He paid and Baby and I walked out of the store with Baby happily hugging Princess Minnie.  From then on Baby made sure Princess Minnie rode next to her or on her lap in her stroller and was tucked in safe and sound.  

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