Saturday, October 22, 2011


There is another child at daycare who is practically the same size as Baby.  Baby is a few months older, but if you were to measure the to of them, they pretty much match each other. 

Daycare says Baby doesn't really care for this other child, who we'll call C.  C is very easy going and good-natured.  He always smiles at me when I pick Baby up.  Baby, however, is a little more domineering.  Whenever C gets a toy to play with, Baby will rush over and snatch it up.  Or she will scream at him in order to try and intimidate him into letting go (I know, I have a little bully on my hands). 

The other day I picked Baby up and M said, "Tell Mommy what you did today."  Baby proceeded to mumble a few unintelligible words and gestures.  I picked up that she pushed someone. 

This was indeed true.  She pushed C down so hard he smacked his head on the ground and had the hugest bump.  Needless to say, Baby got time out for her actions. 

As her mommy, I felt really bad for C and wouldn't blame C's mom for holding a grudge against Baby now. 

Fast forward to the next day and I go pick up Baby like normal.  Baby has a mark on her arm that M shows me.  Apparently C decided to bite Baby when she wanted one of his toys.  Almost a week later, and the mark is still on her arm.

Guess we're even now.   


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