Thursday, September 22, 2011

All That and a Bag of Chips

We needed someone to watch Baby a few weeks ago.  I would love to hire a teenage babysitter, but haven't found an affordable one in our neighborhood (seriously, the girl across the street charges ten dollars an hour!  No thank you.).  We needed someone to pick Baby up from daycare, then play with her until myself or my Husband got home from work.  (It was his first day of a new job and he wasn't sure when he would be done, and I had Back to School Night until 8).

We recruited Husband's brother, Uncle M, who lives about an hour away.  Baby loves Uncle M.  He has a ton of energy and can always make her laugh. He loves running around and playing with her, so we hoped she would do okay in his care.  I know he was really nervous about watching her, but we were pretty confident it would be fine.

I left three lists (only three, you should be proud) on the counter of things they could do together, things she could eat, and emergency info).

According to daycare, Baby was super excited when she saw Uncle M coming up the walk.  However, when she realized he didn't have Mommy or Daddy with him, she became a little nervous.  Her lower lip started to quiver, but she didn't cry when he packed her in the carseat.  He said they sang her favorite song the whole ride home (itsy-bitsy spider.  She LOVES it), like he'd seen me do with her. 

Then they got home.  Apparently Mommy and Daddy had left a couple of bags of chips in Baby's range of sight (we don't give her chips).  She saw the Sour Cream and Onion chips and told Uncle M that she wanted those (she can be quite the communicator with her little pointings and "yeah's").  He said he fed her some, and then she wanted more.  And more.  And ate the whole bag.  Uncle M said he didn't want her to cry, so he did what she wanted.  Plus, she acted like she had had them before and seemed to know what she was doing. 

After that they read books and watched the news on the TV where she laughed at the impending hurricane. 

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