Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've Gotta Go

This story actually happened a while ago, but I think I forgot to write it out.  It's relevant to my supposed timeline of Baby's life, so I figured I better keep it in order.

Baby and I were hanging out at my parent's house when Baby tried to get my attention. She ran to the bathroom door, which was closed, and yelled, "Mama!"  I wasn't quite sure what she was getting at, and just looked at her.  She did it again and banged on the door this time.

I asked her if she needed to go potty and she grinned in that way that she does when I actually understand what she is trying to communicate.  I opened the door to the bathroom and asked her again.  She nodded and tried to climb on the potty. 

I undressed her bottom half and sat her on there instead.  She was so excited to sit on there and hunkered down on the potty.  Then she wanted off.  But she hadn't done anything yet. 

I tried to explain to her that she had to go pee pee in the potty, that she wasn't done.  She hopped back on again, but then immediately wanted off.  She did this a couple of times, all the while with me trying to get her to go on the potty.  Eventually she ran to the door and looked at me with a surprised look in her eyes. 

Then she looked down at the floor.  And peed. 

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