Monday, October 3, 2011

The Baby Stroller

I've been very very blessed in terms of having items given to me for Baby.  I have been overwhelmed by the amount of clothes, toys, gear, etc. that I received during baby showers, holidays, birthdays, and random times in between. 

They say having a child is expensive. 

Honestly, I can count only a handful of things I've bought for Baby, and most of the those items were not out of necessity.  I really think I have saved a ton of money by doing cloth diapers.  I can't imagine running to the store all the time to buy diapers, and those things are expensive!  That adds up after a while. 

In terms of clothes, Baby is set through her second birthday. 

Toys?  That's what birthday and holidays were for.  I'm not one of those parents who goes out and buys their child toys all the time.  Or at all. 

Until now. 

Baby and I went into Target to check out the Halloween costumes that they had (I have no idea what to dress Baby as this year), and we wandered up and down the aisles, just hanging out.  We happened upon the little girl aisle full of baby dolls.  Baby LOVED it.  She got so excited and cried out, "Baby!  Baby!"  We activated the giggling and bouncing baby doll and checked out the sleeping babies. 

Then I noticed the baby doll travel set.  Complete with stroller, diaper bag, and feeding tools, all for the little mommy.  How adorable is that?  It had the cutest little baby doll stroller with pretty pink flowers and a matching diaper bag.  Baby could put her new baby doll in it and push her around.  I had the perfect picture of her as a little mommy in my head.  

Let me backtrack as to why I was so excited here.  Baby loves her baby doll (gift from her Grammy), and likes to make her baby doll do everything she does.  Combine this with the fact that Baby loves to go on walks and has recently decided she would rather push her stroller than ride in it, I came to the conclusion that Baby needed a baby doll stroller. 

At Target. I made the decision to make the purchase.  Me, the one who never purchases frivolous items.  The person who knew that there was a cheaper version at a toy store in the mall the next town over (I'd been doing my research.  Honestly, when was I going to walk in to that mall anytime soon?). 

I came home and assembled the darn thing.  That took a lot of work, too.  Screwdrivers and everything.  After a few misshaps (wheels facing the wrong direction, putting the seat on backwards), the stroller was assembled and ready to go. 

Baby loved it.  She was so excited to push her baby doll around the house and carry the bag down the hallway (all the while holding my hand, of course.  Read the last post for more info there).

I realized after the fact that Baby's own umbrella stroller was cheaper than her baby doll stroller that I purchased from Target.  But it was worth it.   

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